We found the original honeycomb maker for 'Squid Game' in Korea & tried the challenge for ourselves

Attempt the iconic death game without losing your life.

Karen Lui | November 19, 2021, 11:45 AM

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If you had tuned in to our Instagram live on Nov. 17, you might have caught us attempting the famous "Squid Game" dalgona challenge in Seoul.

But we did not just pop by any dalgona street booth—this seller was the same one that Netflix had hired to make the honeycomb confectionery for the famous Korean series, according to a number of Korean sites.

Receive second candy for free if you succeed

Run by a middle-aged couple, the duo were busy making the candy when we approached the street stall on a late afternoon.

The stall sits right outside Daehangno Art Theatre.

Photo by Karen Lui.

The man confirmed that he was the person who made the candy that was featured in the Netflix hit.

This factoid was also reported by numerous Korean media outlets, although koreajoongangdaily featured a young chap as the candy's producer instead.

Photo by Karen Lui.

In any case, permission needs to be sought before any pictures or videos of them and the stall can be taken, the couple told us.

The woman declined to be filmed or photographed, and directed our attention to her partner instead.

Photo by Karen Lui.

Taking up the challenge

If you are keen to take on the dalgona challenge on the spot, plop down on one of the stools at the stall and pick up a toothpick.

Screen shot via Netflix.

If you successfully carve out the shape without breaking it, you will receive another one for free as per the tradition.

As masks are still mandatory in South Korea, licking is not an option.

Screenshot via Netflix.

Each dalgona costs KR₩2,000 (S$2.30).

When we arrived, there were two people doing the challenge while seated on the stools.

However, by the time we left, a crowd had started to gather, with people waiting for our seats so they could have a go at the challenge too.

To make things more stressful (not as stressful as having a gun aimed at your face, admittedly), there were only three seats available when we were there.

If you do not have the time to wait for a seat or wish to save it for later, you can still order the dalgona for takeaway.

While customers are typically allowed to choose their desired shape from a small selection, the couple did not appear to understand English.

If you can't speak any Korean, you can still point at your preferred shape.

More challenging shapes that were stored at the side. Photo by Karen Lui.

Our (tragic) attempts

Photo by Karen Lui.

The stall owner gave one of us the umbrella shape and allowed us to choose our second shape — the star.

Sadly, this writer broke her star-shaped candy within 10 seconds.

Definitely a sign not to join the Squid Game. Photo by Karen Lui.

Our colleague who was working on the umbrella lasted a little longer, but eventually failed as well.

The game is a lot harder than it looks on the show, as the candy is very thin and fragile.

Perhaps it was the taste of success from tracking down the seller in Seoul, but we didn't even feel that upset about losing the game in less than a minute.

"Squid Game" dalgona seller

Address: Outside Daehangno Art Theatre, 17 Daehak-ro 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Nearest subway station: Hyehwa Station on Line 4 (two-minute walk away)

If you're coming from Hyehwa station, walk along Daehak-ro 10-gil and'll see the stall on the left (circled in white). Photo by Karen Lui.

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Top images via Netflix and Karen Lui.