Cuppage Plaza cafe offers authentic Taiwanese breakfast fare like omelettes & toast below S$6

Next best thing to flying to Taiwan.

Joshua Lee | November 10, 2021, 01:15 PM

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If you're seriously craving Taiwanese breakfast fare, look no further than Cuppage Plaza.

True Breakfast (初早餐) offers some truly (LOL) authentic Taiwanese fare like Taiwanese omelettes (ranging from S$3 to S$5) and pieces of toast (S$4 to S$5).

The omelettes (called dan bing 蛋饼) are quite unlike those that you might find elsewhere. They resemble fat chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls) with generous fillings encased within.

Go for the Cheese & Eggs (S$4), Hashbrown & Eggs (S$4) and Meat Floss & Eggs (S$4.50).

Meat Floss & Eggs. Shawn Lee /Facebook

Meat Floss & Eggs. Erin Wu/Facebook

Ting Juan Huang/Facebook

True Breakfast's sandwiches are also worth checking out. The cafe's specialties are the Ham & Eggs Sandwich (S$4), the Luncheon Meat & Eggs (S$4.50), and the Pork Chop & Eggs (S$5)

Ameline Tan/Facebook

Lin Yu Sheng/Facebook

If you still have room in your tummy after omelettes and sandwiches, check out True Breakfast's Salty Chicken -- essentially chicken that is brined and then soaked in cold water to shrink it.

This process produces a chicken which is firm and crisp. It is typically served with a sauce, spring onion and ginger.

Over at True Breakfast, you can get a chicken drumstick for S$5 and add on various types of vegetables for S$4 each.

Ameline Tan/Facebook

Other quintessential Taiwanese fare include Scallion Pancake (S$4), Pork Chop Rice (S$8), and Guo Shao noodles (S$5).

Iris Er Er/Facebook.

Shawn Lee/Facebook

The cafe has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, culled from 29 reviews on Facebook. Most reviewers praised the cafe for its authentic Taiwanese food and homely feel.

Do note that some reviewers also highlighted the limited seating and long waiting time.


True Breakfast

Address: 5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza #B1-19/20, Singapore 228796 (map)

Opening hours: 9am - 2pm (Mon, Wed -Sun); 5.30pm - 8pm (Fri - Sat); closed on Tue

Social media: FacebookInstagram

Top image: True Breakfast and Ameline Tan.

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