Chinese 'dancing security guard' allegedly murdered by fan after not returning S$21,000 gift

The suspect has been arrested, but has not been identified yet.

Jason Fan | November 14, 2021, 12:50 PM

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A Chinese live streamer, known as the "Yubei female security guard", was allegedly killed by one of her fans, after they had a dispute over monetary gifts.

Chinese media reported that the suspect has since been arrested, although his identity has not yet been revealed.

Had more than 600,000 followers

According to Chinese publication The Paper, the 33-year-old woman rose to fame almost three years ago, by posting short clips of her dancing in a security guard's uniform.

The publication reported that she worked as a security guard at a driving school in Yubei, and also helped to recruit students for the school via her videos.

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Posting her first video on DouYin on Mar. 2, 2019, she quickly amassed more than 600,000 followers prior to her death.

Many of her videos were filmed at the driving school, and she began uploading videos almost daily since April 2021.

The woman is married with two children.

A fan allegedly gave her a 100,000 yuan gift

Chinese media reported that the woman was killed on Nov. 2, after meeting a male fan in the evening.

The lady's husband told the media that he was unaware that his wife had arranged for a meetup with a fan as he was in another city for a business trip.

According to some reports, the male fan once offered her a gift worth more than 100,000 yuan ($21,200) in her live broadcast room, and was one of her biggest fans.

Their relationship allegedly soured, and Chinese netizens suspected that she was murdered after refusing to return the money to him.

However, this was not confirmed by the victim's family, or the local police.

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