Community cat repeatedly runs up & slides down playground slide for fun

'What is going on inside their head?'

Belmont Lay | November 02, 2021, 04:51 AM

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Do you ever look at someone and wonder, "What is going on inside their head?"

This was the reaction plenty of people had after watching a community cat amuse itself to no end by running up a playground slide, flopping onto its side, and then sliding back down again.

Caught on video

The antics of the self-entertaining/ lonely black and white tuxedo cat was caught on video and shared to TikTok on Nov. 1.

In total, the 15-second clip showed the cat repeating the action twice -- as if it had just discovered the most fun thing to do in this one life out of its nine lives.

What cat did

The first time the cat went up, it flopped limply onto its side to allow gravity to do the work to pull its body back down.

The cat appeared to have gotten the hang of it.

The second time it tried it again, it wasn't as smooth, as it had to nudged itself gently to get the momentum going before sliding down a bit more slowly.

But it was after this second try that the cat appeared to have noticed it was being watched, as it looked in the direction of the camera before the scene ended.

According to the video's caption and mood music, the cat was lonely.

Or in the cat's view, humans are lucky cats don't have opposable thumbs.


Update: This article has been amended as this incident did not appear to have taken place in Singapore.

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