Patisserie in Japan sells petit cakes in cans with pretty cherry blossoms & fresh strawberries

Japan VTL when?

Lean Jinghui | November 19, 2021, 06:15 PM

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As if Japan isn't appealing enough, this local patisserie in Kyoto has recently created "canned cakes" so customers boarding the Shinkansen (bullet train) can easily take them on their long-distance journey.

According to the PR Times, the cakes are available for purchase at a local patisserie at Kyoto Station.

Via PR Times

Dessert elevated

With seven new flavours, all prettily displayed in petit cans, the local patisserie takes the presentation of the sweet dessert to a whole new level.

According to Soranews24, the patisserie, called Patisserie Rakkansha, first came up with the idea while looking for a convenient way for customers to better enjoy their sweets.

This came after receiving feedback from customers who were self-conscious about opening their mouths wide to eat cream puffs in public, and accidentally leaving bits of cream around their lips, reported the PR Times.

The cakes are thus packaged in petit cans, so customers can easily enjoy the cakes with a fork or spoon.

Blue soda, cream puff & fromage

Seven new flavours are available, including Blue Soda, Fromage, two different flavours of Purin (pudding), and three different flavours of Cream Puffs.

Here are all seven of them, with description:

Blue soda 

Blue Soda – comprising Panna cotta on the bottom, cream on the top, with sky blue soda jelly in the middle and cherries.


Fromage – comprising sweet red bean paste with cream cheese and gyuhi, a type of Japanese mochi rice cake.

Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs which come in three flavours: Choux Matcha, with sakura namafu (like glutinous rice cake); Choux Strawberry, with fresh strawberries; and Choux Plain, with autumn leaves namafu.


Purin which comprise of Matcha, with autumn leaves namafu, and Plain with plum namafu.

So pretty.

Top images via PR Times and @rakkansha150901 Instagram