Public ask Bukit Panjang police officers to save kitten from under car engine after hearing mews

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Belmont Lay | November 15, 2021, 02:09 AM

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The Singapore Police Force is not just about preventing and solving crime, as a pair of police officers in Bukit Panjang recently sprung to action after they were asked by a member of the public to assist in an animal rescue.

A short Facebook post about the incident was put up on Sunday, Oct. 31.

It showed an uniformed police officer cradling a tiny kitten in his palm and holding it close to his chest -- as the feline appeared to have fallen asleep.

The caption, which was devoid of details, read:

Handling it with love and care. ❤️

This morning Sgt Nazrul saved a little kitten that was caught underneath a vehicle’s engine. It made his day!

Public heard mews coming from underneath car

In response to queries, the police said the incident occurred at about 8:45am that day at the car park of Block 249 Bangkit Road.

Two police officers, Sergeant Nazrul and Sergeant Atiqah were conducting their patrol at the car park when they were approached by a member of the public.

Sergeant Nazrul and Sergeant Atiqah: Kitten rescuers

The member of the public said he heard sounds of kittens coming from the engine of a vehicle, and requested the officers to conduct a check.

The kitten was then found lodged in the undercarriage of car.

It is not known how it got there.

The officers then conducted a check on the kitten and found that it was not injured.

Kitten adopted

The police added that there was no tag on the kitten, indicating that it was unlikely to be owned by anyone.

The member of the public who alerted the officers subsequently offered to take care of the kitten.

There was no damage to the car while retrieving the kitten.

Based on the photo of the kitten being cradled, it appeared to be a tabby kitten due to its prominent marking, as well as the recognisable "M" pattern on its forehead.

Kittens being sneaky:

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All media via Singapore Police Force