BlueSG car wheel falls off entirely while travelling on S'pore road

Thankfully, the car was not travelling along the expressway at that time.

Belmont Lay | November 07, 2021, 02:47 PM

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The wheel of a BlueSG rental car fell out completely when the electric vehicle was in motion and travelling along the road in Singapore.

The incident, with photos, were shared to the BlueSG Users Group on Facebook on Nov. 1.

No warning

According to the driver, there were no warning signs at all that something was amiss before the front left wheel fell out.

She was also not involved in any prior accident.

Thankfully, she said she was not driving along the expressway and had managed to stop in time.

In the comments section of the post, the driver said she was alerted to the issue by a passer-by, presumably before the wheel fell off.

The comment by the driver said a passer-by told her that three out of the bolts were missing, and she was driving with only one bolt in place.

The last bolt broke and the wheel subsequently fell off.

The post, which called for other drivers to take precautions, said:

Hi all, please be careful when driving Bluesg. If you feel that the car has some weird sound or tremble when driving, please do not continue.

For those, who feel the same after the drive, report immediately, so that they will stop the rental for others.

I did not hit any vehicle and no alert signal before driving. I was lucky to stop in time before the left wheel fell off and rolled away. Can't imagine if I was driving at the expressway.

Please help each other and drive safe.

No one was hurt in this incident.

BlueSG response

In response to Mothership's queries, BlueSG said: "BlueSG is certainly aware of this incident. We are conducting a thorough investigation on this."

"Regardless, we have also conducted additional safety checks on our fleet to ensure the safety of our vehicles and for our members."

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