More than 600,000 views on Sylvia Chan & Xiaxue interview overnight

"It’s gonna be a wild ride with bombshells aplenty so grab some popcorn and enjoy," said the video's description on YouTube.

Jean Chien Tay | October 25, 2021, 02:34 PM

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Xiaxue's interview with Night Owl Cinematics' co-founder Sylvia Chan is now the top trending video in Singapore.

#1 on trending (Image via Xiaxue/Youtube)

This is the first time Chan has spoken about the ongoing NOC saga on camera.

The 1-hour-47-minute video has garnered more than 600,00 views overnight, and is "liked" by over 13,000 users, with another 4,800 giving the thumbs down at time of writing.

"Wild ride with bombshells"

Xiaxue wrote in the description, "It’s gonna be a wild ride with bombshells aplenty so grab some popcorn and enjoy."

Timestamps were added to the video's description as well, filed by the topics and allegations addressed by Chan.

The timestamps. (Image via Xiaxue/Youtube)

The video was shot on Oct. 22, two days before its release, according to the video's description.

A blog was also created to host receipts of conversations that appear to substantiate Chan's claims.

Sylvia's account of events

Chan revealed deeply personal things happening behind the scenes and rebutted accusations of infidelity on her part.

The co-founder was visibly emotional throughout the interview, especially when talking about Tan's mental health and her brother's contributions to NOC.

If you didn't sit through the interview, you can read a summary of it here:

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Top image via Xiaxue/Youtube