Xiaxue on NOC saga: brands 'win' in any influencer controversy

She's no stranger to controversy.

Fasiha Nazren | October 12, 2021, 04:43 PM

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Xiaxue has surfaced with her take on the recent situation surrounding YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) and its co-founder Sylvia Chan.

The influencer said that she is not going to comment on the allegations levelled against the YouTube channel and its talents, given her friendship with its founders.

Brands "winning" during controversies

Instead, she elaborated on her opinion that partner brands benefit the most from any influencer controversy.

Through a series of Instagram stories, the 37-year-old said: "Every time someone gets cancelled, all these companies hop out left right centre to say they are dropping the influencer."

For the most recent saga, Colgate announced that it has terminated its collaboration with Chan, while Milo clarified that it is not working with Chan at the moment.

Admitting that she is no stranger to controversies and such treatment from brands herself, Xiaxue said that she understands when long-term clients had to stop working with her as they are "badgered non-stop" by the "mob".

She added that she appreciates when public relations executives preempt her by sending her their statements as it shows that they care for her "as a human being", and do not treat her like an "inanimate billboard".

"They didn't want to stop working with me because we had a good relationship and they are forced to make a public statement. That's fine, I understand."

However, it angers the personality that the public is encouraging a culture of clients dropping influencers as a "convenient out" whenever there is a controversy.

She claims that this would result in "triple publicity" for the brand, namely:

  1. A paid advertisement with the influencer.
  2. When views surge during a controversy, which she claims "isn't going to impact the brands negatively" despite it being negative publicity.
  3. When the brand drops the influencer, or releases a statement addressing the controversy.

Addressing those who think that it's good for companies to come out with their stance in an attempt to become "better people", Xiaxue shot it down by saying that "woke people cancel everything" and challenged those with the mindset to "run a big platform while being a perfect human being first".

How influencer brand campaigns work

Xiaxue also revealed that most brand campaigns are done on a one-off basis.

"You pay me for one post. I do it. I get money you get your publicity. Finish. Donezo. Our relationship has ENDED."

Using her personal experience as an example, she said that a small neon sign brand released a statement saying that they have terminated her at the height of her saga last year.

For context, she added that the brand sponsored a pink neon sign that she thinks cost around S$200.

In exchange, she went "above and beyond" by doing several Instagram stories, and an Instagram post which she said is worth "at least S$6,000" in ad value.

Following her posts, the brand told her that they saw an increase in followers.

Unfortunately, when Xiaxue was embroiled in a controversy a few months later, the brand had issued a statement to "terminate" her, which made Xiaxue felt like she was backstabbed.

"I bet if I asked you to pay the actual price for an IG post you probably can't even afford it lor I give you for free (I didn't have to do the post, stories is enough) and you backstab me you ch** by* dog."

Consider getting brands to pay termination fee

To end off her series of Instagram stories, she concluded by saying that she finds it "unfair" when brands get free publicity each time they drop influencers.

She said that she may consider adding a clause in her contract for brands to pay her fee if they choose to terminate her after any controversy.

"No really, it's good publicity that you are riding off my back for, so I ought to be compensated for it."

You can see her Instagram stories here:

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Top image from @xiaxue on Instagram and screenshot from NOC's YouTube channel.