Pregnant S'porean woman's water breaks during Liverpool-Man United match, husband loses his mind

When football is life but life is actually more important.

Syahindah Ishak | October 28, 2021, 01:46 PM

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It was 15 minutes into the match. Manchester United was already 2-0 behind rivals Liverpool.

Singaporean couple Nash and Rifdi, who are Man United fans, were shouting at their television screen at this point.

Until the unexpected happened.

Nash, who was pregnant at the time, realised that her water broke.

The bizarre incident was captured on a CCTV camera in the couple's home, and Nash posted the footage on her Instagram account.

He was disoriented

In the footage, Rifdi, who was wearing a Man United jersey, appeared to be disoriented as it dawned on him his pregnant wife was going into labour.

He could be seen running around the house.

He also managed to take a quick glance at the TV screen.

She was laughing

Speaking to Mothership about the experience, Nash said she found the entire situation amusing, despite how serious it was.

"I was laughing when [the water] broke and my husband thought I was joking until I showed him the puddle of water on the sofa."

Before they left the house, Nash had to remind Rifdi to bring her wallet, NRIC, and appointment cards, as he still appeared disoriented.

Baby delivered safely

According to Nash, she arrived at the hospital around 12:30am on Oct. 25.

The baby was delivered safely at 3:02pm later that day.

Both Nash and the baby are currently doing fine.

Nash told Mothership:

"I had a normal birth with no epidural and no stitches so I'm pretty alright.


The baby is fine and hopes to be a Man U fan too."

He's been a Man United fan for 19 years

Rifdi has been a Man United fan for 19 years.

Nash, who enjoys watching football since she was young, said that she would always accompany Rifdi in front of the TV screen when Man United is playing.

Man United ended up losing 5-0 to Liverpool.

When asked how they felt about missing the rest of the game, Nash said:

"Glad we didn't finish the game, my husband would have cried at home for the game instead of at the labour ward."

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Top image via nliux/IG.