Woman videos chirping from egg, carton was bought from Tampines market 1 day prior

When the egg is not what you expected.

Fiona Tan | October 26, 2021, 09:40 PM

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A woman in Singapore got more than what she eggs-pected when she pulled a raw egg out of the fridge, only to hear it emitting chirping noises.

Chirping noises from egg

The woman Lim Wei Ran, subsequently took to Instagram (@limweiran) to share her bizarre discovery.

According to a series of Instagram stories uploaded by Lim, it all began when she started hearing noises from the fridge.

Speaking to Mothership, Lim said the chirping started "early this morning" on Oct. 26.

Lim followed the sound to the last egg in a plastic egg carton.

In the next screenshot shared by Lim, she can be seen consulting a friend over text, and realising that the egg could potentially be hatching "soon".

Lim proceeded to wrap the egg up in a towel to warm it up, but the chirping got softer.

Image screenshot from @limweiran/Instagram.

She then went to look up the supplier of the eggs, and came across a Google review complaining about what appears to be an undeveloped chick which came from a cracked egg.

Image screenshot from Google Review.

However, while the Google review is dated to two days ago, it is worth noting that the "best before" date on the carton is Jul. 17, 2020, while the the photo was uploaded in June 2020.

Image from Jacqueline Lau Gustafasson/Google Reviews.

Lim then placed a call to the egg supplier, and sent them the videos she took.

The egg company responded, confirming that all of their eggs are unfertilised. They assured Lim that there is no chance that a chick could be in the chirping egg, according to Lim.

Image screenshot from @limweiran/Instagram.

The company also collected the egg from Lim by the egg supplier's driver or delivery personnel for investigations at around 5pm on Oct. 26, and Lim said that she did not hear any chirping when she handed the egg over.

Lim did not crack the egg open to see what lies within as she hoped the chick within the egg would survive and did not want to end its incubation prematurely.

Lim added that her father had bought the crate of eggs a day ago at around 3pm on Oct. 25 from a market at Tampines.

In response to Mothership's queries, a representative from the egg supplier, Chew's, said it is "impossible" for the egg, or any of their eggs to be fertilised.

The representative added that there are no male chickens on the farm, and all the hens are housed in protected hen houses.

In response to the incident, the representative said that the egg was laid on Oct. 21, and added that incubation requires 21 days in specific temperature and humidity, before a chick can develop.

Based on their investigation on Oct. 27, there was no chick nor anomaly in the egg during the light test, and after the egg was cracked open.

Image courtesy of Chews' Agriculture.

Video courtesy of Chews' Agriculture.

According to Lim, a representative has also informed her that their eggs are not fertilised and shared the video with her.

The representative addressed the Google review which Lim highlighted on Instagram, saying that there have been no reports of fertilised eggs during the 30 years of their business operations.

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Top image from @limweiran/Instagram