All content from Thirsty Sisters YouTube channel & Instagram account gone


Tanya Ong | October 21, 2021, 07:14 PM

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Since a recent slew of allegations have surfaced against Night Owl Cinematics' (NOC) co-founder Sylvia Chan, content has subsequently disappeared from the Thirsty Sisters' social media channels.

Social media channels

The Thirsty Sisters, run by Chan and Nina Tan, is a podcast on "hot and pressing issues" in Singapore. The duo also have a presence on various platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Telegram.

As of Oct. 21, however, all videos have been removed from the YouTube channel, which has 32,000 subscribers.

Podcasts uploaded onto Spotify and Apple Podcasts, however, remain at the time of writing.

The most recent video was posted to their YouTube channel around one week ago, on the topic of dating and sexual innuendoes. The video had received several comments referring to the saga involving Chan.

On Instagram, their account (@thethirstysisterstts) — which is still linked in Chan's Instagram bio at the time of writing — has also been taken down.

The Thirsty Sisters TikTok account, with over 35,000 followers, is also currently set to private.

Previously, the pair frequently appeared on each other's Instagram accounts.



Tan, who is NOC co-founder Ryan Tan's cousin, is currently one of the talents under NOC.

She has been acting in NOC's videos since 2013  — the year the video production company was founded, and is said to be one of the "og NOC girls" in her description listed on the company's website.

The first Thirsty Sisters podcast uploaded to Spotify is dated April 2020.

Some background

These events follow allegations of Chan behaving poorly towards subordinates and partners over the years.

Earlier this month, posts started gaining traction on an Instagram account @sgcickenrice, involving text screenshots and audio recordings where Chan allegedly uses slurs and expletives on her employees.

Subsequently, this week, a group claiming to be current and former employees of NOC came together to put up a detailed blog levelling fresh accusations against Chan.

The only time Chan has publicly commented on the issue was via this Instagram post on her personal account about a week ago.

In her apology, Chan said that she will be "removed from NOC's lineup of artistes".

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