'We need this job': People claiming to be Night Owl Cinematics staff speak up against public fallout

"Your actions don't just affect just a few people, it may potentially affect everyone else that works here."

Zi Shan Kow | October 10, 2021, 06:47 PM

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Some people claiming to be employees of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) have spoken out against the barrage of public criticism that the production company has received after supposed "leaks" started surfacing of the company's workplace culture.

Allegations of verbal abuse

NOC's co-founder, Sylvia Chan, has recently been accused of verbally abusing her employees.

The allegations and reactions to the incident have been compiled by the anonymous Instagram account @sgcickenrice.

Since then, Colgate has terminated its collaboration with Chan, and Milo has also clarified that it is not working with Chan at the moment.

Chan has not addressed the allegations, and NOC itself has come under backlash from netizens.

Backlash from netizens

Posted on Oct. 8, NOC's newest Food King YouTube video has received an overwhelming number of dislikes and negative comments.

With 2,700 likes and 4,600 dislikes, the episode featured DanielFoodDiary as a guest, who came out on Instagram to say that the crew behind the episode was "extremely hardworking".

He said that he hopes the crew's efforts do not get undermined, and encourages all to "leave drama out from food".

Screenshot via @sgcickenrice.

Employee speaks out about the hate

On Oct. 9, @sgcickenrice posted a screenshot of a conversation with someone claiming to be a current employee of NOC.

The anonymous employee said that people need to realise that the company is "made up of a lot of hardworking individuals who just try their best".

The employee said that it was "unfair" to direct hate at the company and its employees, and the hate is "jeopardising" their livelihoods, making the work environment more stressful and tense.

They also said that they stick by the "stressful work environment" because they need the job.


"Please don't target NOC"

Another message sent by someone also claiming to be an employee purported that there are three people in NOC that they could count on to "defend and shield" them from Sylvia's wrath.

The person said this to demonstrate that there are "good people in NOC", and asked netizens not to target the company.

Screenshot via @sgcickenrice.

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