Here are 'Squid Game' video meeting backgrounds to remind your boss that you're barely surviving

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Karen Lui | October 03, 2021, 06:11 PM

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If you think we've had enough of "Squid Game", think again.

On Oct. 3, Netflix released high-resolution video backgrounds of the breathtaking sets that appeared on the hit television series.

With eleven options for you to choose from, feel free to rotate them or set them accordingly to your mood and the vibes that you wish to convey to the other participants in the meeting in a subtle (or passive aggressive) manner.

This article may contain some spoilers so proceed at your own risk.

1. Gateway and elevated stage of the contestant room

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

If you wish to command authority and attention as the meeting host, consider (virtually) putting yourself in the same position where the guards in red typically stand to address the contestants as a group.

Your fellow participants will be faced with a similar view as the contestants in the show upon waking up:

Screenshot via Netflix's YouTube page.

2. Contestant room with stacked beds

If you feel less like a guard and more like a trapped contestant, this background is perfect for you.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

It can also suggest that you've just rolled out of bed just to attend this meeting.

3. Maze-like hallway

The maze-like hallway is also a good choice for those who prefer brighter colours, especially in shades of pink.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

Don't be fooled by its vibrant colours.

The maze-like hallway is a reminder of how we're just one of the many pawns stuck in a game orchestrated by those who wield great power and wealth.

Screenshot from Netflix's YouTube page.

4. Playground

Those who have a penchant for hiding their pain and suffering behind a smile may appreciate the playground scene where the second game is held.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

Despite the bright and inviting scene, the task that the contestants had to grapple with came with varying degrees of difficulty, depending on their luck.

5. Toilet

If you wish to hint that your boss or colleagues are intruding into your personal life, slap on this background.

The toilet is probably the few places where contestants can exchange secrets and enjoy a bit of ahem, private time, away from the voyeuristic gaze of the Front Man, guards, and other players.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

The pastel pink doors and light blue tiles also help make the toilet look more aesthetic and less unappealing as a background.

6. Hallway of the guards' quarters

If you're in charge of a team but would like to reiterate that you're also a pawn working for a higher authority, consider using this background.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

Although they assert some power over the contestants, they adhere to a strict hierarchy and schedule among themselves in order to ensure that the daily events are run smoothly.

7. Reconstructed alleys from the past

Known as the place where loyalties are tested and betrayals are rampant, this background sends a message to your "gganbu" (bestie of sorts) who has betrayed you or whom you're about to throw under the bus during the meeting.

Photo by Netflix's Facebook page.

Will you emerge from the meeting as the sacrificial lamb or the traitor?

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

8. The glass bridge

Sacrificial lambs remain crucial in the game involving the glass bridge.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

Unlike the contestants stuck at the other side, you are on the safe side.

How many people had to be sacrificed in order for you to make it this far?

Show your boss you'd get the job done by hook or by crook with this carnivalesque background.

9. The last supper

Although it was technically intended to be a dinner, knowing what you had to do for the sake of your achievements can be hard to stomach or swallow.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

This background is probably a good way to hint for some rewards that may come in the form of a lovely steak dinner.

10. Contestant room with one bed

After clearing the masses of stacked beds, this is how the contestant room looks.

Photo from Netflix's Facebook page.

This might be a good background for those in teams with a high turnover rate.

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