S'pore's tiny panda cub lets out loud sneeze that sounds like an old man

Wait for it...

Ashley Tan | October 20, 2021, 06:18 PM

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Every little milestone Singapore's beloved panda cub has made has been documented by the Mandai Wildlife Reserve (MWR), or previously the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

This includes its steady weight gain and snippets of the baby bear cuddling with its mother, Jia Jia.

Earlier this month, MWR updated that the cub had popped out six baby teeth.

Panda cubs typically start growing teeth when they are around three months old, and will attempt to eat bamboo at around seven months old.

And most recently, the panda cub has started to open its eyes, signalling that its development is right on track.

One big sneeze

On Oct. 19, MWR shared a a short 20-second clip of the roughly nine-week-old cub resting and blinking its eyes blearily.

As a viewer, you're content to observe the fuzzy baby, until its suddenly overcome with a huge sneeze.

One might expect a cute and dainty "achoo", given the cub's tiny, teddy bear-like appearance, but instead the panda cub caught viewers off guard with a snort reminiscent of your grandfather clearing his sinuses.

You can listen to the surprising audio here. Wait for it with anticipation, as the sneeze only comes at the end of the video.

But it's still cute right?

Commenters certainly think so.

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Top photo from Mandai Wildlife Reserve / FB