Shane Pow to host livestream sales from Germany with Pornsak & Michelle Chia's company

This will not be Pow's first time selling on the platform.

Karen Lui | October 20, 2021, 06:20 PM

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Following a five-week jail term and S$6,000 fine for committing a drink driving offence in Sep. 2020, Shane Pow has revived his career through livestream hosting.

The former Mediacorp actor was first spotted on e-commerce platform Mdada in end-May, and was reported to be a regular host after serving his term.

Mdada was founded in Sep. 2020 by host Pornsak, celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee, and actress Michelle Chia.

More recently on Oct. 19, Pow confirmed in an interview with 96.3 Hao FM radio DJ Anna Lim that he will going to Germany with the Mdada team to conduct such livestreams.

Doesn't know about the plan

However, Pow also said that doesn't know about the plan, nor what products they might be selling in Germany.

"Is it tourism or for work? I also don't know," he initially remarked during the interview.

All he could confirm was that he was tagging along with Pornsak and the team.

He subsequently clarified, "Of course, there is work involved as we are there to live stream."

Screen shot via 96.3好FM's Facebook page.

Describing the upcoming experience as "not bad", Pow revealed that he has not visited Germany before and will be travelling after not doing so in almost two years due to Covid-19.

Harbouring feelings of both anticipation and nervousness, the 30-year-old shared his uncertainty about how the circumstances of working there would be like.

When probed about what they are selling and how they'd be selling, Pow repeated that he doesn't know but believes that there will be branded goods and German products, such as skincare and haircare.

Three-week Europe expedition

Mdada announced via a press release on Oct. 19 that they will commence a three-week expedition to Europe, including Germany, Italy, and France to mark their first foray into the European Union market.

The company will bring along their full team of livestreamers for an induction programme.

Besides product sales, the livestream sessions will also offer viewers a glimpse of Europe and virtually join the livestreamers as they eat, shop and travel around the continent.

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While the team has arrived in Germany, it is not clear if Pow is with them yet.

Screen shot via Addy Lee's Instagram page.

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Top images via Mdada's Facebook page and Shane Pow's Instagram page.

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