Sengkang community cat ignores comfy sleeping options, squeezes in tiny bike basket instead

If it fits, I sits.

Ashley Tan | October 11, 2021, 06:19 PM

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Stray cats are often a beloved part of our community, and many residents have taken to caring for them as if they were their own pets.

This includes regularly putting out food and water for the purring creatures, as well as setting up cozy nooks to give them some shelter.

Some residents in Singapore have also went the extra mile to make sure the cats are as comfortable as possible, by providing plenty of cardboard boxes and blankets for them to rest on.

The same could be said for Sengkang residents caring for a ginger community cat.

Here's a picture of the set up:

Practically a prime piece of real estate, with the cat tree, cardboard house, small fabric tent, and fluffy Rilakkuma cushion.

Photo from Mothership reader

Photo from Mothership reader

Photo from Mothership reader

One privileged cat.

'I choose my own bed': The cat, probably

The cat in question however, has appeared to ignore its plentiful and plush rest options in favour for a metal bicycle basket.

Photo from Mothership reader

Here it is all squished up inside with its leg placed in what seems to be an awkward position, uncaring of its privileges.

Video from Mothership reader

Cats apparently like squeezing in small, tight spaces, as it gives them a measure of security. Additionally, it's warmer than sleeping out in the open.

Why this ginger cat chose a basket over a snug tent or box remains a puzzle though.

Then again, who are we to question their actions? A cat's brain works in mysterious ways.

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