Ryan Tan addresses allegations, says he's not affiliated to @sgcickenrice & exposé blog

He said that right now, he only wants a clean break.

Fasiha Nazren | October 27, 2021, 04:51 PM

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Ryan Tan, the co-founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), has spoken out regarding some of the allegations that emerged from the public debacle that he is currently engaged in with his co-founder and former wife Sylvia Chan.

Chan made these allegations during a recent 107-minute long interview with Singapore influencer Xiaxue.

Not affiliated with @sgcickenrice or exposé blog

In a 10-page Instagram post, Tan first clarified that he is not involved in any way with the anonymous Instagram page @sgcickenrice or the publication of the exposé blog that was set up by current and former employees of NOC.

The Instagram page and blog made allegations against Chan with regard to employee mistreatment and misappropriation of funds among others.

In his Instagram post, Tan clarified that he refused to disclose any personal communications, especially the ones with Chan, during the saga. However he was "heartbroken" that he wasn't extended the same courtesy from Chan.

Left out crucial details about struggles

In the Oct. 25 interview, Chan shared several details about Tan's mental health and claimed that he attempted suicide many times.

In response to this, Tan said that he was "distraught" that she had given the impression that he threatened suicide to manipulate her.

"She knows this is not true and left out crucial details about my struggles."

He stressed that this was not her story to tell.

"I cannot believe that she would do that to me," he wrote.

Only addressed non-personal issues

Tan said that the interview had "many lies" but he does not want to continue to discuss the couple's personal issues as he respects their time together "too much".

Instead, he made the post to address the other allegations that were made against him.

On being an NOC director

He explained that Chan couldn't be the appointed sole director when the company was set up as she wasn't a Singaporean then.

Although he was the sole director on record, he said that she was also a "de facto director".

Tan said that he was responsible for the production side of the business, often out of the office for shoots, while Chan was in charge of managing accounting, payments, employment, and all administrative issues.

On his resignation

Tan claims that he received complaints from employees about Chan. He tried to raise these complaints to Chan, however, it apparently "did not sit well" with her.

After a while, Chan apparently told NOC's finance manager that she did not have to report to Tan as he was no longer the COO.

In Feb. 2021, he informed Chan of his intention to resign and after discussions, reached an agreement on May 8, 2021.

They apparently discussed whether he should inform NOC's human resources consultant on his intention to resign, as seen in the screenshot below:

Photo from @ryanxgo on Instagram.

On being accused of setting up Reno King behind her back

Addressing the allegation that he apparently incorporated Reno King behind Chan's back, Tan retorted that she knew of his intentions to set up Reno King as early as April 2021.

He also attached screenshots of Chan apparently asking him to "close the case" to set a clear boundary between Reno King and NOC:

Photo from @ryanxgo on Instagram.

And another screenshot where she apparently sent her well wishes for Reno King on May 20, 2021.

Photo from @ryanxgo on Instagram.

Here were the things that were apparently agreed on, as claimed by Tan:

  • 20 per cent of Reno King profits will be paid to NOC or Chan for the use of NOC's YouTube channel as a platform and as an admin fee.
  • NOC would provide "administrative support" to Reno King.
  • Tan would set up a new bank account for Reno King and revenue made through Reno King projects would be transferred to that account.
  • Reno King to pay salaries due to Isabelle and Bryant, who had worked on Reno King projects, in April.

From May 2021, Reno King starting taking on payroll resposibilities and Tan stopped drawing any salary from NOC from May 8, 2021.

However, Chan apparently denied agreeing to such an arrangement, said Tan.

On allegedly wanting to be bought out in the "millions"

In the interview with Xiaxue, Chan said that Tan allegedly wanted to be bought out at a very high price, in the millions.

In his Instagram post, however, Tan claimed that both agreed for Sylvia to buy his shares in NOC that will leave him as a 20 per cent shareholder.

He said that he didn't ask for "millions", instead asked for a sum that was "a lot less" and which he thought was "fair value".

Buying out his shares would also mean that he agreed to not interfere with day-to-day operations of NOC and that he would immediately resign as director.

No choice but to remain director

According to Tan, Chan now does not recognise the agreement made on May 8.

He claimed that she refused to be the director of NOC and thus Tan has no choice but to keep his director role as the Singapore law does not allow a sole Singaporean director to resign and leave the position vacant.

However, Chan is apparently "moving a resolution" to be appointed the director of the company on the record after Tan commenced investigations into several issues in the workplace including harassment, bullying and accounting issues.

"After resuming my role as director, I made clear to NOC's finance manager that she should take instructions from both Sylvia and me. I only asked that all instructions be cleared with me first. I believe that this is reasonable given the allegations that have been made about the misuse of company funds."

No access to NOC's YouTube and Google accounts

Tan also raised and clarified other concerns including:

  • Chan objected to Tan withdrawing his pay from mid-2017 to 2019 that was apparently transferred to an account that is jointly held between him and Chan.
  • Tan does not know any of her passwords, including her house's pin code, and did not hack her email account.
  • Tan was deprived of access to NOC's YouTube and Google accounts for reasons undisclosed to him.

Tan also stressed that he only recorded one meeting between Chan and himself on May 8 where they were apparently working out the details of an agreement, debunking the allegations made by Chan that he allegedly has a habit of illegally recording people.

This recording, however, isn't the same Zoom meeting recording that was published on the exposé blog.

"I did not record the meeting that was published on endthesilencee.blogspot.com and do not have a copy of that recording in my possession."

Wants a clean break

He ended the post by saying that he is "tired of this" and just wants a clean break, to be allowed to continue making videos and to be fairly compensated.

He said that there's more to be said but he will leave it to the authorities and his lawyers.

"I just hope that one day Sylvia reveals what she offered to pay me in exchange for all my shares in NOC and two other NOC-related entities and what she proposed for Reno King."

You can read his full post here.

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