Rescued cemetery dog in S'pore with rare health condition seeking blood donor

With severe anemia, Daisy is in unstable condition.

Zi Shan Kow | October 27, 2021, 02:26 PM

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Volunteer animal rescue group HOPE Dog Rescue recently rescued an adult dog, Daisy, from a cemetery in Choa Chu Kang.

The group is now actively seeking dog blood donors for Daisy, due to her low blood count.

Finding Daisy

The rescuers were first alerted to Daisy's condition when a dog lover first sent them this video:

Video by HOPE Dog Rescue.

In the video, an emaciated Daisy was hobbling, taking small, careful steps with painfully swollen limbs.

The volunteers were told by the workers and cemetery caretakers that Daisy's condition deteriorated about four months ago, when she gave birth.

They also said that they didn’t know where to seek help, and had expected Daisy to die two weeks ago.

According to the workers, another rescue group had tried to help her without success, as Daisy tried to bite them.

Capturing Daisy

Taking time off work, volunteers at HOPE Dog Rescue walked for hours combing through rows and rows of tombstones in search of Daisy, before spotting a bony rear behind a tombstone.

Image by HOPE Dog Rescue.

Image by HOPE Dog Rescue.

Even though she was skin and bones, Daisy was not interested in the food and sedation pills provided by the volunteers.

As she got up and started to leave, the volunteers chased after her in hopes they could wear her down.

Daisy lost her balance and fell after 10 minutes of pursuit.

She then bared her teeth and gums at the volunteers.

Volunteers managed to leash her, cover her with a bedsheet, and rushed her to the vet in a carrier just before it got dark.

Daisy's diagnosis

At the vet, Daisy had to be sedated for her blood tests and X-rays as she was not used to human contact.

The vet found she was severely dehydrated and malnourished, as well as extremely anemic with very pale gums.

They confirmed that she was an adult dog, despite her small size.

The vet staff also commented that they had never seen a dog with such swollen limbs.

The vet suspects that Daisy has a rare condition known as Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy, which causes extra bone growth in her limbs.

This made it difficult for the vets to give her an IV drip.

Image by HOPE Dog Rescue.

Daisy has a high white blood cell count, suggesting a severe infection.

Based on an X-ray of her lungs, Daisy has started treatment for a chest infection and lungworms.

Currently, her condition is unstable.

Although she is on fluids, they might dilute her blood and cause further anaemia, and a donor dog is needed on standby.

To help Daisy, HOPE Dog Rescue can be reached via email [email protected].

Looking for a blood donor dog

HOPE Dog Rescue told Mothership that as of Oct. 27, Daisy's blood count is still low, and no blood donor has come forward.

Top images by HOPE Dog Rescue.