This Instagram filter lets you play Squid Game's Red Light, Green Light with friends

Fun times.

Mandy How | October 03, 2021, 06:56 PM

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You are absolutely right: this is our fourth "Squid Game" article for the day.

But let's move on.

There's a new AR (augmented reality) filter on Instagram that lets you play Red Light, Green Light, both in solo mode and with friends.

The made-in-Singapore filter was created by ADM graduate (School Of Art, Design and Media in NTU) Eugene Soh.

How it works

Simply flip the camera to selfie mode and tap the screen to start.

Your face will be superimposed onto a figure with a green tracksuit, complete with the giant animatronic figure in the background.

Due to the visual configuration, you will appear to be running backwards, which takes some getting used to.

Otherwise, blink to move forward, and stare to stop any movement from your character.

Or you'll die.

Have fun. Open it on Instagram here.

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