National swimmer Quah Zheng Wen enlisted for National Service, books out for the first time

It's been so far so good for him, his sister Ting Wen shared.

Zhangxin Zheng | October 20, 2021, 05:38 PM

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Singapore Olympic swimmer Quah Zheng Wen has enlisted for the National Service and first booked out last weekend.

Quah was featured on his sister Quah Ting Wen's Instagram Story on Saturday, Oct. 16.

Ting Wen, who also represented Singapore in the Tokyo Olympics, shared with Mothership that it was Quah's first book out and it has been "so far so good" for him.

via Quah Ting Wen's Instagram.

Proud of her brother

Ting Wen added that she is really proud of her brother and their father had spent a lot of time with Quah talking about his experience after his book out.

Ting Wen also said that she enjoyed hearing the stories from her brother. She added that it just "feels a little closer" when stories of NS come from a family member.

"I am really proud of him! I know it's mandatory for all men to have to serve, but I finally understand what my friends who have male siblings who served mean when they say they feel a sense of pride when they send their brothers or pick them up."

"He looks really smart in his uniform," she commented while admitting with a laugh that she also thinks all men in uniform look great.

Some initial concerns

Ting Wen shared that she was initially "more worried" about Quah's enlistment than Quah himself.

She was concerned about how the age gap between Quah, who is 25, and other NS mates will affect their interaction, so she had been sharing with him stories that she heard from her friends to prepare him a little.

Thankfully, Quah and his bunk mates are getting along just fine.

Ting Wen said, "He said that there hasn't been anything extremely strenuous yet, and he likes his bunkmates."

If you have been following social media updates from the Quah siblings, you will know by now that besides their common passion for swimming, they are extremely supportive of each other.

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Precious family time on weekends

As Quah goes through this rite of passage as a "Singaporean son", Ting Wen also shared how she and the rest of the family will continue to support him throughout.

She told Mothership, "I was away competing when he first went in, but I'm glad I managed to be there for his first book out!"

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Ting Wen added the family has been trying to make sure Quah has what he needs before he returns to camp.

She will also text him while he's in camp.

She said that she will be staying at home on weekends more frequently as it's the only time the whole family is able to spend time together.

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Top image via Quah Ting Wen's Instagram and Quah Zheng Wen's Instagram