Philips' new S$159 mask has cool airflow module which removes heat & moisture

And the module is rechargeable.

Joshua Lee | October 14, 2021, 10:49 AM

It looks like Covid-19 isn't the only thing that here to stay.

After more than a year of obscuring the bottom half of our beautiful mugs, its quite undeniable that mask-wearing is not a habit that we will be kicking soon.

But with advances in technology, you can chuck the boring surgical mask or the flimsy Hello Kitty cloth mask that your aunty made for you.

Instead, check out the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 (S$159).

Credit: Philips

Launched by health technology company Royal Philips in early October, the Fresh Air Mask comprises three parts:

  1. An Air Power module
  2. A mesh fabric mask cover
  3. A replaceable mask filter

First, the Air Power module. Here's how it works: Philips says that it provides fresh airflow of up to 41 litres per minute.

This removes trapped heat, moisture and carbon dioxide from within the mask quickly.

This module has three different speed modes to toggle between. You can do this just by pressing a button in the upper right hand corner of the module.

It is also rechargeable thanks to a micro-USB port.

Credit: Philips

The mask's cover is made from a micro-porous mesh fabric which makes it flexible and durable. This cover is also washable.

Lastly, Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 comes with replaceable filter that reduces droplets, removes 95 per cent of PM2.5 particles and pollen, and filters 99 per cent of bacteria of 3μm in size.

According to Philips, this filter has a lifetime of about 122 hours. It should be replaced once it reaches that limit.

There are two types of filters (product codes FY0086 and FY0087) which are compatible with the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066.

This is what the filter looks like, and it costs S$39 for a box of five if you need to get them separately.

Credit: Philips

Credit: Philips

Designed to fit your face better

Lastly, if you're wondering if the Philips Fresh Air Mask will fit you well, Philips recommends that as a general guide the mask is most suitable for people with 12cm or less between the base of their nose and their chin:

Credit: Philips

The Philips Fresh Air Mask was also designed with the use of 3D laser technology and shaping to fit the contours of the human face better.

It utilised a “Golden Anchor Point” in its design to disperse the pressure of the mask on the bridge of the nose, cheeks and ears, making it more comfortable for wearers.

The Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 retails at S$159 and it is only available in black at the moment. You can get it via the Philips website, Best Denki, and soon, Amazon Singapore.

All images courtesy of Philips.