S'pore panda cub over 3kg now with 6 cute little baby teeth

Looks like a toy.

Fiona Tan | October 08, 2021, 12:00 PM

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Singapore's beloved panda cub will be visited by the tooth fairy soon.

In a media release on Oct. 8, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) shared that the panda cub is teething and has since grown six baby teeth.

Six baby teeth and other panda cub growth updates

It all began on Sep. 23, when the giant panda caretakers noticed that four little teeth have emerged from the 42-day-old panda cub's lower jaw.

Fast forward 10 days later on Oct. 4, the panda cub sported an additional two new teeth, and the 52-day-old panda cub now has a total of six little baby teeth.

52-day-old panda cub with six eenie weenie baby teeth. Video courtesy of WRS.

According to WRS, panda cubs typically start growing teeth when they are around three months old, and will attempt to eat bamboo at around seven months old.

Giant pandas have two sets of teeth. Panda cubs will have 24 baby teeth, which they will eventually lose as they mature into adult pandas with around 42 permanent teeth.

Apart from developing its pearly whites, the panda cub has also been growing well.

The panda cub had its measurements taken for the very first time by lead panda caretaker, Trisha Tay.

On Oct. 6, the 54-day-old panda cub was measured to be 51.5cm, from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail.

Tay can be heard in the video saying that the panda cub measures around 44cm tall, excluding its tail, which is 7.5cm long.

54-day-old panda cub being measured for the very first time. Video courtesy of WRS.

Additionally, since its last weigh-in five days ago, the panda cub has put on another 0.434kg, or close to half a kg.

On Oct. 7, the 55-day-old panda cub tipped the scales at 3.072kg.

55-day-old panda cub. Video courtesy of WRS.

WRS said both the baby panda and mommy Jia Jia are being cared for in an off-exhibit maternity ward at Singapore's River Safari currently.

While you might not get a chance to see the baby panda at the River Safari yet, here's a video of the little one snoozing, and a close-up of its baby belly:

Video courtesy of WRS.

Sweet dreams little one, we can't wait to see you soon.

You can watch the full video below:

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Top image courtesy of WRS