Yishun Northpoint City restaurant serving juicy pan fried pork buns bursting with soup

The restaurant also has a vegan version of the bun.

Karen Lui | October 29, 2021, 12:17 PM

Here's another bao to try if you enjoy soupy dumplings/ buns.

nosignboard Sheng Jian is a new restaurant at Northpoint City that specialises in sheng jian bao, a popular Shanghainese street food.

Sheng jian bao

For the uninitiated, sheng jian bao is also known as pan-fried pork bun.

An elevated version of the shui jian bao, the modified bun boasts a crunchy pan-fried bottom, soft skin, a filling of steaming hot soup and juicy pork.

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Unlike other pan-fried buns with fluffy doughs, the sheng jian bao's dough has a chewy texture.

At nosignboard Shen Jian, they offer the buns in four savoury fillings:

  • Signature "Popping Juices" (S$5.50 for three) with pork filling
  • Chilli Crab and Pork (S$6.30 for three)
  • Spicy Dried Shrimp (S$5.80 for three)
  • Vegan Sheng Jian Bao (S$5.30 for three) with preserved mustard greens filling

From left to right: Vegan Sheng Jian Bao (green), Signature "Popping Juices", and Chilli Crab and Pork (orange). Photo by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

The sheng jian baos are only available from 11:30am onwards.

Other menu items

Besides sheng jian bao, nosignboard Sheng Jian offers a range of authentic Northern Chinese dim sum and dishes.

Priced at S$7.80, the Spicy Chicken in 'Sichuan' Style (Chilled) is a chicken appetiser served with Sichuan Mala spicy sauce.

Photo by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

If you enjoy the crusted rice at the bottom of the pan (also known as Guo Ba), a well-loved snack in Northern China, check out the Crispy Rice with Chilli Crab Meat Sauce (S$14.80).

Photo by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

The Famous Wu Xi Braised Pork Cube (S$14.80) comprises succulent pork belly cubes that are braised and coated in red sauce with sweet vinegar.

Photo by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

The Dried Noodles with Scallions & Dried Shrimps (S$6.80) offers a comforting bowl of noodles to pair with the sheng jian bao.

Photo by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

A traditional Shanghainese pastry, the Deep-fried Radish Pastry (S$5.80 for three) consists of buttery flaky layers encasing a savoury white radish filling.

Photo by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

For dessert, cool off from the Sichuan spices with the Chilled Coconut Papaya Pudding (S$4.80 for three) or Crispy Purple Sweet Potato Balls (S$4.80 for three) that contains a custard filling.

Chilled Coconut Papaya Pudding (in the back row) and Crispy Purple Sweet Potato Balls (in the front). Photo by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

Facade and interior

Here's a look at the restaurant:

Photo by no signboard Sheng Jian.

Photo by no signboard Sheng Jian.

Photo by no signboard Sheng Jian.

The restaurant recently opened to snaking queues:

Photo by no signboard Sheng Jian.

Photo by no signboard Sheng Jian.

nosignboard Sheng Jian

Address: 1 Northpoint Drive , #01 - 137/138, South Wing of Northpoint City, Singapore 768019

Opening hours: 10am to 9:30pm, daily

Top images by nosignboard Sheng Jian.

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