Man saves stranded pet dog from Siglap Canal shortly before it filled with water

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Jason Fan | October 10, 2021, 01:23 PM

A small dog that found itself trapped in a canal on Saturday evening (Oct. 9) was saved, after a brave passer-by waded into the deep waters to mount a rescue.


According to Mothership reader Kelvin Loo, who was at the scene at the time, the canal filled up quickly with water shortly after the dog was rescued.

It's possible the dog would have likely drowned if the passer-by did not take the time to rescue the dog immediately.

A young man volunteered to enter the canal

Loo said that he witnessed the incident on Saturday evening (Oct. 9), while he was walking his own dog with his wife, near Siglap Canal.

They heard faint barking coming from the direction of the canal, and was surprised to find a small, white dog stranded in the canal.

Loo noted that a pair of cyclists, who appeared to be father and son, were already at the scene trying to figure out the best way to rescue the dog.

They discovered a stairway on the opposite side of the canal, which would allow them to move into the canal safely, although they would still have to wade through ankle-deep water in the dark to reach the dog.

As they were contemplating whether they should call the authorities to handle the rescue, a young Indian man, who later identified himself as Mike, passed by the scene and volunteered to rescue the dog after the situation was explained.

Loo warned Mike that going down into the canal in the dark could be dangerous, although Mike insisted on doing so, given that the dog's life was potentially at stake.

He also reassured Loo that he was proficient in outdoors activities, as having trained in Pulau Ubin.

When Mike finally reached the stranded dog, he calmed the dog down by caressing it repeatedly, before picking it up.

He noted that the dog was partially blind, and appeared to be very weak.

Photo by Kelvin Loo.

First time owner cycled with her dog

At the same time, a female passer-by saw the situation, and attempted to find the dog's owner by seeking help in a Whatsapp chat group that included many members who lived nearby.

She managed to find the dog's owner, and directed her to meet them at the canal.

A young woman soon cycled up to the group, and identified herself as the owner of the lost dog.

She explained that it was the first time she had cycled with her dog, and she did not realise it had gotten lost, and she did not expect to be reunited with her pet.

Loo noted that she was very emotional, and thanked Mike repeatedly for saving her dog.

At the same time, Mike was actively downplaying his achievements, and pointed out that it was a collective effort that led to the dog's rescue.

"While Mike was the hero of the day, he was modest and humble. I am glad we have such an everyday hero living amongst us," said Loo.

Pic by Kelvin Loo.

Top image from Google Maps.