S'porean man who inserted marker & battery into girlfriend's privates without her consent jailed 13 years & caned

He committed the offence in November 2018.

Syahindah Ishak | October 04, 2021, 06:36 PM

A 32-year-old Singaporean man was sentenced to 13 years, seven months and 92 days' jail, and 12 strokes of the cane for sexually torturing his girlfriend in November 2018.

According to court documents seen by Mothership, the accused had forcibly inserted a marker and a battery into the victim's rectum without her consent, while his cousin sat on a bed and watched the act.

The accused, his cousin, and the victim were living in the same flat at the time.

None of them can be named due to gag orders protecting the victim's identity.

Accused her of stealing

The incident began when the victim, who was 27 years old then, was accused of stealing a power bank and an e-scooter from the flat.

Physically attacked her

Angered by her denials, the accused and his cousin physically attacked the victim by slapping and kicking her.

The accused's cousin then grabbed the victim's shirt and pulled her onto the ground.

In the course of slapping the victim, the accused's watch came into contact with her head and caused a laceration, which started bleeding.

At one juncture, the two men manhandled the victim so roughly that her shirt tore. She remained dressed in only her bra and bottoms.

The men subsequently demanded compensation from the victim for the items that she had allegedly stolen.

The accused then kicked the victim's stomach and his cousin slapped her.

Agreed to compensate because she couldn't withstand the beatings

According to court documents, the victim agreed to make compensation as she was unable to withstand the beatings.

She told the accused that she had S$300 in her bank account.

The victim and the two men subsequently went into the accused's bedroom so that they could clean the blood off her face.

However, the accused pulled and cut the victim's hair with a pair of scissors instead.

Sexually tortured her

Shortly after, the accused asked the victim if she wanted to "put things" inside her.

He threatened to beat her to death if she did not allow him to insert foreign items into her privates.

Court documents stated that the victim submitted to the accused as she feared death.

The accused then pulled down the victim’s bottoms and undergarment before inserting a whiteboard marker pen and a cylindrical battery, into her privates without her consent.

The accused intended to sexually torture the victim to punish her for the purported act of theft, court documents wrote.

His cousin sat on a bed and watched as he performed the act.

Told her to cover up her injuries

When the victim complained of intense pain, the accused told her to go to the toilet to remove the items from her private area.

Despite her efforts, the battery remained lodged in her and she was unable to remove it.

Subsequently, the accused passed the victim some face powder and lipstick, asking her to cover her facial injuries with makeup.

He also passed her a jacket and a cloth, which the victim used to cover her head.

Physically attacked her again the next day

The next afternoon, the trio went to a bank branch for the victim to withdraw money to compensate the accused.

Upon discovering that the victim's bank account was empty, the two men started beating her up at a nearby bus stop.

They punched, kicked, and slapped her. They also forced her onto the ground.

At one point, the accused forcibly removed the victim’s jacket, causing her bra to be exposed.

A woman passing by in a car saw what happened and told her husband to sound the horn at the men while she called the police.

Police subsequently responded to the incident and arrested the two men.

Hospitalised for four days

The victim was conveyed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, where she was treated for laceration wounds and haematoma (a mass of clotted blood that forms in a tissue, organ, or body space).

The cylindrical battery was also removed from her body.

She was hospitalised for four days, according to court documents.

"A depraved form of sexual torture"

Court documents stated that the accused, who committed the offences when he was on court bail for an unrelated offence, pleaded guilty to one charge each of aggravated sexual assault by penetration and criminal intimidation.

The prosecution said that the accused had committed "an egregious act of penetrative sexual assault that is likely to generate significant public disquiet".

The prosecution also labelled his act as "a depraved form of sexual torture".

It added: "It is evident from the index offences that the accused exhibits little hesitation in resorting to violence in the face of little to no provocation."

In sentencing the accused, Justice Dedar Singh Gill said, as reported by CNA:

"There is no evidence I see of the rehabilitation prospects of the accused.


It is my hope that this sentence will cause the accused to reflect and adopt a straight path, a path where he does not resort to violence when angry, a path which does not cause harm and misery to people in his life and to himself."

Top image via Pixabay.