'Tested magnetic positive': Some S'poreans claim to be magnetic due to Covid-19 vaccines

Like Magneto.

Syahindah Ishak | October 11, 2021, 03:19 PM

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A Telegram group in Singapore, SG The Magnetic Group, has been created to "record and investigate" magnetic effects related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

As of Monday (Oct. 11) afternoon, the group had 3,251 subscribers.

Metal objects stuck on body

Individuals who claimed to have been vaccinated against Covid-19 sent in photos and videos of themselves with various metal objects stuck on their bodies.

There were also unvaccinated individuals who experienced similar magnetism, although some stated that they were living with a vaccinated person.

Here are more pictures and videos found in the Telegram group:

Had to remove trolls from the group

On Sunday (Oct. 10), a message was sent in the group saying that it "had to remove trolls due to their complete disrespect for emerging science and evidence".

The message added:

"Our group discussion will remain closed until we purge all the trolls. In the meantime, please read all previous posts to understand why people are magnetic and feel free to try it out on your own fellow vaccinated friends/family under the right conditions."

Is magnetism really affected by Covid-19 vaccines?

According to BBC, Reuters and the New York Times, Covid-19 vaccines do not contain metals, microchips, or any other ingredients that causes magnetism.

Wired reported that the "magnetism" some people experience might have something to do with sweat on the human skin, which makes the surface sticky.

Therefore, objects with large, flat surfaces and greater contact area with the skin are more likely to stay stuck.

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All images via the Telegram group.