Passers-by join forces to save kitten nearly swept away in Jurong canal using DIY basket & rope

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Ashley Tan | October 01, 2021, 05:02 PM

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A careful rescue operation was recently conducted at Jurong to fish out a kitten stuck in a canal.

One Lim Chee Kiang, a resident of the area, was at the scene during the incident, and subsequently shared some photos to Facebook on Sep. 29.

Lim said that passers-by at the Sungei Lanchar canal heard mewls for help from inside the concrete drain.

At the time, the canal was filled with rain water, and the kitten clinging to the side of the steep walls was in danger of being swept away.

Lim said it is uncertain how the kitten got stuck in the canal in the first place.

Rescue operation

Other residents including Lim's neighbours, as well as passers-by, then banded together to create a contraption with a basket, rope, and some stones to weigh it down, to hoist the kitten out of the canal.

After some cajoling, the kitten was successfully fished out of the waters.

Photo from Lim Chee Kiang / FB

Lim said the poor creature was "completely soaked to the skin, shivering from the cold and exhaustion".

Once out of the canal, the kitten, perhaps spooked by so many unfamiliar people crowding around, attempted to escape into the bushes, but was caught by Lim.

Photo from Lim Chee Kiang / FB

Kitten to stay with Lim for the time being

Lim then brought the kitten back to his home, where it had a warm bed to sleep in.

He even went the extra mile by bringing it to the vet the following day, who identified it as a three-month-old female.

In another update, Lim revealed that thankfully, the kitten did not sustain any injuries. However, it was malnourished and very thin.

The kitten was also discovered to be FIV- and FELV-negative, and has been dewormed and vaccinated.

In the meantime, the kitty will be staying with Lim, who hopes it will get along with his current house cat. Otherwise, the kitten will have to be put up for adoption or moved to another foster parent's house.

Photo from Lim Chee Kiang / FB

Top photo from Lim Chee Kiang / FB