New details on Kim Seon-ho controversy throws ex-girlfriend's allegations in doubt

An acquaintance said that Kim chose to apologise instead of refuting Choi's claims as he did not want to argue with her in public.

Karen Lui | October 28, 2021, 04:06 PM

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If you thought South Korean heartthrob Kim Seon-ho's controversy was done and dusted, think again.

The 35-year-old actor was recently accused by an ex-girlfriend of forcing her into getting an abortion when they were still dating in 2020 — which he has apologised for.

New details on Kim Seon-ho controversy throws ex-girlfriend's allegations in doubt

The ex-girlfriend then came forward to say that she has received an apology from Kim, and that it was a misunderstanding between them.

However, more details about the relationship between the former couple has since been revealed that presents Kim in more positive light.

Identity of Kim's ex-girlfriend revealed

On Oct. 26, South Korean celebrity news outlet Dispatch published an article about Kim's relationship with his ex-girlfriend, who was revealed to be a former weather caster named Choi Young-Ah.

In the article, Dispatch questions the legitimacy of Choi's claims and if the entire controversy was indeed just a "misunderstanding".

Choi met Kim through mutual friends in late 2019 and they begun dating seriously in early March of 2020, Dispatch said, adding that her status as a divorcee was revealed in mid-March.

According to Dispatch, the "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha" star was "taken aback" by the news but chose to stay with her despite being advised by the people around him to distance himself from her.

“I just want to continue seeing her. This relationship started because I liked who she was. I understand my parents might be worried, but to me, her status as a divorcee doesn’t change anything.”

Dispatch counters Choi's claims

Dispatch proceeded to debunk Choi's initial allegations against Kim, including:

  • Their inability to date freely in public
  • Kim's alleged negative attitude towards her after the abortion; and
  • Kim's stinginess.

They also revealed that Choi had apparently lied to Kim multiple times about her secret meetings with other men.

Dating in public

Contrary to her claims that she and Kim were unable to date freely and hold hands in public, Dispatch shared a picture of them on a date and added that the couple had gone on "countless dates in Busan, Gapeyong, the zoo, amusement parks, the suburbs, etc."

Image via Dispatch.

Kim's attitude after Choi's abortion

According to Dispatch, Choi confirmed her pregnancy on Jul. 24, 2020 and claimed that Kim's response was negative when she told him about it.

A close friend of the former couple, B, claimed that Kim described the pregnancy as "a blessing" and "good news" and consoled Choi, telling her not to cry.

Kim and Choi took time to consider their next step and eventually decided it was best to abort the baby, B said.

When B accompanied Choi to the hospital, Kim had gone to buy ingredients to make seaweed soup for Choi despite not knowing how to cook.

Seaweed soup is commonly consumed by Korean women when they are pregnant or after giving birth.

The actor reportedly continued to cook seaweed soup for Choi for two weeks after the surgery.

He also mentioned his experience of cooking it on Korean variety show "1 Night 2 Days" and was able to provide the recipe accurately.

Image via Dispatch.

According to Choi's friend, C, who spoke to Dispatch, Choi was introduced to Kim's parents after the abortion.

Choi had meals together with the family and even slept at their house.

Kim's stinginess with money

Choi had alleged that Kim gave her "₩2 million (S$2,303.67) for abortion procedures," making him sound like a stingy person.

However, acquaintance D told Dispatch that Choi had bragged that Kim had bought her a luxury bag that cost ₩7 million (S$8,062.84) during Christmas.

D added that Kim would pay for the couple's expenses.

Choi's allegedly lies about meeting other men behind Kim's back

Dispatch also sent screen shots about Choi's alleged meeting of other men behind Kim's back and how they broke up once because he caught her lying about it more than once.

A screenshot of a lengthy text that was allegedly sent by Choi to Kim on Jul. 8, 2020 includes an apology for lying to him and an acknowledgement of the hurt inflicted on him.

In another screenshot of a text conversation between Kim and a friend, A, on Jul. 7, 2020, Kim said that he had broken up with Choi.

According to the screen shot, Choi had secretly gone out to meet other men and Kim had caught her lying to him about it again.

Kim said in the text that Choi claimed they were work meetings and that he actually had no problem about her going to clubs and hanging out with other men as long as she was honest with him and texted him when she reached home.

Dispatch reported that Kim decided to forgive Choi the next day after B, persuaded him to consider doing so.

According to B, Kim did not want to argue with her in public and chose to apologise instead of refuting her claims.

You can access the screen shots and read the full translated article by Dispatch here.

Kim's agency, Salt Entertainment, has refused to comment on the article, Allkpop reported.

What happened

An anonymous post by a female netizen claiming to be an ex-girlfriend of "Actor K" surfaced on an online community on Oct. 17.

The netizen claimed that she was impregnated by the actor, who persuaded her to have an abortion before breaking up with her.

A reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho later identified the actor as Kim, as reported by The Korea Herald.

On Oct. 20, Kim released a public statement, admitting that he has hurt his ex-girlfriend and apologised for his actions.

Following the controversy, advertisements that featured Kim were taken down.

Companies like Domino’s Pizza Korea took, Canon Korea and Food Bucket removed images and posts featuring Kim on their official social media pages.

Kim's face on an entertainment programme was also censored during the broadcast.

The actor's agency also announced that his interviews with the media had been cancelled.

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Top images via Dispatch and Kim Seon Ho's Instagram page.

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