S'pore woman, 65, took just 12mg of ivermectin over 2 days before falling violently ill

The tiny amount is enough to wreak havoc.

Belmont Lay | October 05, 2021, 01:41 AM

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More details about the woman in Singapore who fell terribly sick after self-medicating with ivermectin at the urging of her fellow church members have been revealed.

According to The Straits Times, the woman, Wong Lee Tak, is a 65-year-old retiree.

Her daughter, Vanessa Koh, 32, first took to Facebook on Sunday, Oct. 3 to call out the irresponsible recommendation and use of parasitic treatment drug ivermectin for Covid-19 without a doctor's prescription, which landed her mother in hospital.

The woman is from the Church of the Risen Christ.

First sign something was wrong

The daughter said her mother had vomited violently from the mouth after eating something as light and bland as oats.

Screen shots shared by Koh showed messages urging her mother to take ivermectin and tying its ingestion with religious justifications, such as saying that one will not go to heaven by taking mRNA or non-mRNA vaccines.

ST reported that Wong had taken four 3mg tablets of ivermectin over two days.

It was on the second day of taking the drug, on Friday, Oct. 1, when the elderly woman started to become seriously ill.

She suffered a 39.3°C fever, inflammation on her joints and vomited violently after eating food, her daughter revealed.

Koh then took her mother to Sengkang General Hospital on Friday.

The woman remains hospitalised and is in stable condition.

Made mom confess to taking ivermectin

The daughter said it took months to persuade her mother to get vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine, which she eventually took on Sep. 23.

The initial suspicion was that the vaccine caused the severe reaction, but upon probing, Koh's mother admitted to buying 1,000 ivermectin pills and had hid them at home.

Koh then found conversations on her mother's phone about buying ivermectin in bulk.

A photo sent to Wong showed a table recommending the drug's dosage by body weight sent by another chat group member.

The elderly woman even told her daughter that she had taken ivermectin as she believed the vaccine was useless, but could not say why.

Koh told ST: "I know she just wants to say that vaccines are Satanic. She and her friends are not interested in science."

Wong has diabetes and high blood pressure, which are preexisting medical conditions that make her susceptible to Covid-19 complications.

Church friends nowhere to be found

The people who egged Wong on to take ivermectin have not contacted the woman or Koh, ST reported.

The daughter said she has not personally met those members from church.

The administrators of the Telegram chats where Wong received information on ivermectin have since removed her and erased all conversations with her, Koh said.

Church of the Risen Christ parish priest Edward Lim said on Facebook that the church is aware about Wong's case and that she had heeded the advice of church friends to take ivermectin.

"We would like to advise everyone to protect themselves from the Covid-19 virus by taking officially prescribed safety measures available to them," he said.

"Only accept vaccines approved by the authorities which are made available at accredited centres authorised to administer the jabs."

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