Indonesian child can’t get birth certificate because his name is too long. Parents appeal to President Jokowi.

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Faris Alfiq | October 09, 2021, 05:03 PM

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A couple in East Java, Indonesia, has written to the country's president with a plea to grant a birth certificate to their child who was born three years ago.

Local officials and registrars did not grant the couple, Arif Akbar and Suci Nur Aisyiah, a birth certificate for their child because his name was too long and did not fit the paper, Detik reported.

The full name of their child: Rangga Madhipa Sutra Jiwa Cordosega Akre Askhala Mughal Ilkhanat Akbar Sahara Pi-Thariq Ziyad Syaifudin Quthuz Khoshala Sura Talenta.

In short, Cordo. 

Why the long name?

Arif said that his son's name has linkages with the history of the Islamic civilisation.

In an interview with Detik, Arif said that he hoped that by naming his son after historical figures and places, his son would be a"global figure" who is not narrow-minded and parochial.

"He will have a global outlook and the power to realise his visions," he added.

Arif also said that Cordo's names have philosophical meanings with his parents' hopes and prayers for his future.

Wrote to Jokowi

After three years of unsuccessful attempts in applying for a birth certificate for their child, the couple then took a rather unusual step -- writing straight to President Jokowi.

According to Kompas, they wrote an open letter to the president detailing their ordeal and hoping that their child will be given a birth certificate.

More importantly, in two years time, Cordo would need to be enrolled in a school, requiring a birth certificate for registration.

During their previous attempts to get the birth certificate, government officials requested the couple to change the name of their child.

However, they rejected the suggestion and was adamant about keeping the name.

Thus far, there has not been any official statement or reply from President Jokowi.

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