Sembawang residents harvest gigantic 18kg & 15kg winter melons from community garden

Absolute unit.

Ashley Tan | October 22, 2021, 09:59 PM

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Some of us have green fingers, and then there are these residents from Sembawang who take gardening to the next level.

Bountiful harvest

The residents from Sembawang West Zone E recently showed off the literal fruits of their labour.

These included some outstandingly huge vegetables, including two gigantic winter melons that must surely have received plenty of tender loving care.

The two melons in question weighed 18kg and 15kg.

Photo from Poh Li San / FB

And they're practically the size of a human torso, or small child.

Here's Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC, Poh Li San, posing with the gourd for comparison.

Photo from Poh Li San / FB

Poh shared in a Facebook post that the winter melons were grown organically, which further augments the impressive feat.

Other harvests of note were ladies' fingers, which were nearly as long as one's forearm.

Photo from Poh Li San / FB

Photo from Poh Li San / FB

The residents had also grown other crops such as kailan, sweet potatoes and chives.

Community gardens in Singapore

There are currently five community gardens within Sembawang West itself, with over 1,600 around Singapore.

Poh shared that more community gardens will be added to the area soon, including some on the rooftops of multi-storey carparks.

According to the National Parks Board, not only do the gardens provide a space for people in the community to interact and bond, they serve as small green spaces in urban areas which will attract wildlife like birds and butterflies.

You can find out how to start your own community garden here.

You can read Poh's full post here.

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Top photo from Poh Li San / FB