Facebook changes its name to Meta

Meta means "beyond".

Karen Lui | October 29, 2021, 10:18 AM

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The newly-rebranded name of Facebook’s parent company has been announced to be Meta on Oct. 29.

The social media company first shared plans about its rebranding about a week ago.

Reflects vision for company future

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Zuckerberg shared that the impossibility of the brand to represent “everything that we’re doing today” stems from its tight link to one product.

Photo via Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page.

In addition to reflecting their vision to be seen as a metaverse, Zuckerberg wants the new name to anchor their work and identity on what they are building towards.

”Meta” was chosen as it means “beyond” and alludes to the social technologies they are building beyond pre-existing digital connections.

Accompanying the new company brand is a new logo and colour.

Boasting a blue gradient as an homage to their heritage, the logo is designed to be experienced in 3D.

GIF by Meta.

AR and VR technologies

Meta revealed the progress in their Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

They are building out more ways that VR can be utilised as a work device as VR is gaining popularity through games and becoming more social.

The newly-rebranded social media company is also investing in core technology and work to launch fully-featured AR glasses.

Besides the hardware of the glasses, Meta says it is cultivating content, capabilities, and communities to enrich the platform experience today and pave the way for AR glasses.

Top images via Meta and Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page.

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