Having a teeth gap or overcrowded teeth can be annoying but you can do something about it

Not just for aesthetic reasons.

| Zhangxin Zheng | Sponsored | October 29, 2021, 07:03 PM

A form of pain that doesn’t get talked about enough is the toothache.

Sometimes, it can just be a nagging discomfort in your mouth, caused by the small bit of meat that gets stuck in between your crowded teeth (again) after a meal.

While many of us can relate to that, some have it harder than others.

No thanks to misaligned teeth.

Different types of misaligned teeth

There are several ways your teeth do not get along with each other.

Teeth that are not properly aligned can be a result of the shape of your palate and jaw, or size of teeth.

Teeth development can be affected by some habits at a young age such as thumb sucking.

Some common examples of misaligned teeth include teeth gap, crowded teeth, deep overbite, underbite and open bite.

Don’t understand what these terms are? You can refer to these examples:

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People with crowded teeth will probably have it worse when it comes to having something stuck in their teeth while others may face issues such as having a protruding tooth resting on your gum.

As a result, misaligned teeth can affect our sleep, the way we talk, and our oral hygiene.

Well but the good news is that you can do something about it, if you wish to.

How aligners can help

Those troubled by misaligned teeth, aligners might be the answer.

Wearing a set of clear aligners daily can help straighten your teeth over time.

Here's another example.
You may feel a little bit of tightness for the first few days as your teeth are getting used to the tray but as they fall in line over time, you will not be bothered by the aligners anymore.

Using clear aligners to straighten your teeth also means less disruption to your daily routine as it is removable and “virtually invisible”. Yup, that means others can hardly tell you are wearing aligners over Zoom calls.

You can remove it for a short while when you go for a serious workout like attending spin classes, having meals, or whenever needed.

But ideally, you should be wearing the aligners 20 to 22 hours a day.

More about Dr Clear Aligners

If you are considering aligners, Dr Clear Aligners have an easy and quick Smile Assessment that you can do online for free.

Their aligners are made from Zendura Flx material, BPA-free plastic and so it is comfortable and durable for wearing.

The aligners will be customised to fit.

If you have any questions, you can ask their “Smile Consultants” during the virtual monthly assessments or anytime you wish to via WhatsApp. Yes, this means you do not have to go down to the dental office during the treatment period.

On average, if you wear the aligners dutifully for 20 to 22 hours daily, it will take between six to nine months for the teeth to be aligned generally.

A set of aligners typically costs S$2,250 at Dr Clear Aligners, which you can pay in a single payment or in installments.

Furthermore, Dr Clear Aligners is running a promotion and a set of aligners only costs S$1,800 now.

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Ask anyone who has had their teeth adjusted, maintaining aligned teeth is a long term commitment. After the treatment is over, you will still have to wear a retainer every night before you go to sleep.

Worried that it will be troublesome?

As someone who has been wearing her retainer for the past five years, it’s really not that bad. It is like any nightly routine, such as putting on night cream after washing your face, and you can still sleep like a baby.

Image from Dr Clear Aligners.

The writer of this sponsored article by Dr Clear Aligners is scared of going to the dentist.

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