People queue up at 11th Don Don Donki outlet in Tampines 1 because 10 outlets still not enough

When I’m free, I take myself to Don Don Donki.

Belmont Lay | October 22, 2021, 04:18 PM

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People in Singapore, who are quite free, took themselves to the new 11th Don Don Donki outlet in Tampines 1 on Oct. 22, the first day of opening.

This is despite there being 10 Don Don Donki outlets in existence islandwide, where visitors' dreams come true whenever they go there.

A queue formed outside the second floor outlet till the first floor, as people waited to enter the new premises to go on a treasure hunt to find whatever they want, anything they need, they can find it for sure.

Don Don Donki members can get a free plushie if they collect three stamps from purchasing selected items from Oct. 22 to 24, as they are in paradise and it's a wonderful place for them to find something good and new tonight:

Frenched lamb cutlets (300g): S$15

Sashimi moriawase: S$25.90

Kirin bottled tea: Any 2 for S$4.50

Membership sign-up is free, but each account is only allowed one plushie redemption to feel so high, and satisfied at Don Don Donki.

Don Don Donki members are also entitled to a limited edition cooler bag if they spend S$80 using the UOB credit or debit cards because it’s like a jungle, full of amazing things.

This Tampines 1 outlet opens till 11pm, unlike other outlets that last till late night so if you go there at midnight, you can find a lot of fun, so head on down there tonight for a good time.

The next nearest outlet:

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