Sad goodbye as domestic worker leaves S’pore family after 14 years

She had taken care of him since he was eight.

Matthias Ang | October 16, 2021, 02:13 PM

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A Singaporean has made a touching video to commemorate a domestic helper who spent 14 years with his family.

On Oct. 2, Tan Miguel Angelo put up a video on YouTube in which he showed his helper, known as Aunty Juliet, spending her 5,110th and final day with his family, and how the family coped with the housework on the first day in the wake of her departure.

Emotional farewell

The video begins with Aunty Juliet packing her belongings and making her final goodbyes with Tan and his siblings, including a moment in which she receives a shirt that has a photo of the helper with Tan and his sister when they were much younger.

Subsequently, they are seen bidding her farewell and hugging her one last time before she gets onto a taxi.

Tan, and presumably his brother and father, were so sad that they hugged and cried along the corridor after Aunty Juliet left.

Source: Screenshot via Miguel Angelo YouTube

Source: Screenshot via Miguel Angelo YouTube

The rest of the video then shows how Tan and his family coped on the first day without Aunty Juliet, acknowledging that doing the housework was difficult and that they missed her badly.

Source: Screenshot via Miguel Angelo YouTube

Had taken care of him since he was eight

According to an Instagram post by Tan, Aunty Juliet had left his family's home to work with another employer, after having taken care of him since he was eight.

In calling her departure "the most depressing day we've had in awhile", Tan praised her cooking and expressed his gratitude for her help whenever he could not find an important item.

He further acknowledged that she had made life "a lot easier for his family" and that it was now time for the family themselves to take care of the house.

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Top screenshot via Miguel Angelo YouTube