Pulau Ubin crab hunting van taxi driver can take you anywhere you want on island

For your next trip to Pulau Ubin.

Siti Hawa | October 19, 2021, 06:57 PM

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If you're interested in exploring Pulau Ubin and would like someone to bring you around, a man known as Uncle Satay might be able to offer you a ride for a fee.

On Oct. 17, a woman, Cheah Wenqi, who previously shot a documentary on Uncle Satay, took to Facebook to recommend his services.

Taxi service

According to the post, Uncle Satay now works as a taxi driver on Pulau Ubin.

He was previously known for catching crabs on the island.

Because he knows the island inside out, he is now able to bring visitors around and can also recommend spots for activities, such as sightseeing, hiking, and fishing.

Photos via Cheah Wenqi/Facebook

However, Cheah did not disclose the rates for his services.

Uncle Satay was previously a sustainable crab hunter

Cheah had met Uncle Satay two years ago while filming a short documentary of him as a sustainable crab hunter.

Cheah followed the Uncle Satay into the mangroves and had witnessed him catching crabs using two metal rods and his bare hands.

Photo via Cheah Wenqi

Photo via Cheah Wenqi

However, crab hunting is not his full-time gig.

Uncle Satay worked as a taxi driver on Ubin until business slowed down and he had to turn to crab hunting.

Unfortunately, age wore his knees down and he now struggles to wade about in the mangrove waters.

Photos via Cheah Wenqi/Facebook

Today, Uncle Satay relies mainly on driving his taxi to earn an income.

View the original post and find out how to contact Uncle Satay here.

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Top photos via Cheah Wenqi/Facebook