S'porean man, 27, gets Covid-19: 'I keep farting but I cannot smell'

Living with endemic Covid-19.

Belmont Lay | October 26, 2021, 01:19 PM

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PERSPECTIVE: We asked our Covid-19-positive colleague — who is currently recovering at home — some questions (29, to be exact) via text message. Here are his responses.

A Singaporean man, 27, who works in Mothership and whose name rhymes with Wandrew Dong, came down with Covid-19 one fine day and only found out while doing a routine antigen rapid test as he was having flu.

His condition is not serious, according to his own self-assessment, and was feeling only slightly under the weather when he tested positive.

Twice. In a row.

Two positive tests in a row. Not a false positive case.

Because he couldn't believe he actually caught Covid-19 the first time the ART kit showed a positive result.

He then took a second test immediately that also came back positive.

We asked him some questions via text messages — he remains in isolation in his room at home for at least 72 hours — as talking would encourage the unnecessary discharge of the virus from his mouth.

1. Are you sad you have Covid-19?

Not really, just troublesome more than anything, especially now that I can't take my IPPT and will have to default for the first time :(

2. Where did you get Covid-19 from?

Don't know leh, but I have my suspicions. It's everywhere anyway.

3. How does it feel to have Covid-19 now?

Normal, feels like a normal flu + fever combo. Can't smell or taste much also. Actually pretty surreal to get it, after so many months of reading about other people getting it and worrying if it will ever be your turn, and now that I have it, I can say it's not that bad.

Hopefully I'll get my sense of smell and taste back, feels weird to not be able to smell my farts (and my food).

I keep farting but I cannot smell.

4. Do you think it is as bad as dengue/ chicken pox/ stomach flu?

Never had any of them leh, but getting Covid-19 isn't as bad as most people think, especially if you're vaccinated.

5. What is your stay home arrangement like?

Dettol spray can is my new best friend, and I go everywhere with it.

Whatever I touch, Dettol spray can is there to disinfect it afterwards.

I've also learnt the importance of flushing while your lid is down so all the nasty germs and bacteria doesn't get flung all over the toilet.

Also feels very weird to have to wear a mask at home, but luckily I don't have to wear it while bathing.

6. Does it mean you pee more consciously by not spraying all over the toilet bowl?

Cannot afford to misfire. If not just spray extra.

7. After you pee you have to put the seat down?

Yes, seat cover also put down.

8. How does it feel to be isolated at home for at least 72 hours?

Actually home recovery feels more isolated than in a hotel etc, quite weird to see your family members around but not be able to talk to them etc.

Almost like you have to creep around to avoid being detected.

Also feels like this is how renting a room from a family feels like.

Like you hear them but cannot interact with them.

9. If you accidentally see your family members, how? Tuck and roll?

Have to faster siam and run back into the room. Almost like you're being shunned.

10. If not, Ministry of Health catch you?

Very weird feeling. Never thought it would feel this weird. Like I have to WhatsApp my family when I wanna go pee.

And when I'm done. Especially for those whom I'm sharing the toilet with.

11. If you blow bubbles at home now, your family will be angry?

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Wtf. Ya.

Cos blow bubbles from the mouth will spread virus.

12. But the soap will neutralise the virus?

Wow. Actually ya hor.

13. So, is it okay, you feel?

Should ask Dr Leong Hoe Nam. Or Dr Kenneth Mak.

14. Your girlfriend angry you got Covid-19? Because you all cannot go out anymore for a while?

No leh. In fact she negative for now is a miracle.

Cos we spent the whole day together, share saliva and food all.

15. She suspect you see other girl that's why you got Covid-19?


16. So what went through your head the first time you tested positive?

My eyes open big big like baby panda open its eyes for the first time.

Immediately went to test second time.

When second time test positive, I said, "Sei ah."

17. Then what did you do next?

Tell girlfriend. Tell family. Tell sister first.

Then discuss how to tell parents without them freaking out.

18. When you told them, did you wear a mask?

No, I text them while in my room.

19. Then what did they reply you?

They were very helpful. Went to buy test kits, food, spray.

20. So, basically, you found out you got Covid-19, but didn't see a doctor?

Ya, because I'm vaccinated and not elderly and with no symptoms.

21. Then you are counted in daily MOH case count?

I doubt so leh.

22. So you are not part of the daily case count?

I think so, but also responsible member of society hor.

23. If you were to eat a lemon now, what would you taste?

I don't know leh, havent eaten lemon so far, but the instant coffee I drinking now tastes the same.

Maybe less hiong cos I can't smell much, or maybe cos it's 3-in-1 hahaha.

24. You got worry you cannot taste forever?

Ya duh.

25. Did you tell all your friends you got Covid-19?

Yes. I don't know why though.

26. Any final words?

Now I'm not so scared of Covid-19 anymore after getting infected cos most people can recover from it.

27. What if you get again?

Get lor, it's just normal flu.

28. When will you go exercise and test your lung capacity again?

As soon as possible.

29. What do you wish could be done differently?

Wow I don't know man. Deep down I wish I could turn back time to change the events, but until that's possible there's not much ah. Oh wait, I hope MINDEF can waive off my IPPT this year or give me an extension 👉👈

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