Pulau Tekong cookhouse serves chicken chop with charcoal buns for recruits finishing 1st week of BMT

Looks fancy.

Ashley Tan | October 26, 2021, 05:17 PM

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Basic Military Training (BMT) recruits were recently treated to a special meal at the Pulau Tekong cookhouse.

Recruits typically get the "Strong Burger Meal" to celebrate the impending end of the first week of BMT, also known as the Adjustment Week.

This is arguably one of the toughest weeks for recruits as they have to adapt to confinement and new schedules as new conscripts.

As the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) stated, all milestones in the BMT journey should be celebrated.

The "Strong Burger Meal" was previously served to recruits in preparation for their 24km route march.

Charcoal buns

This time however, the burger has a special twist, with the chicken chop slapped between two charcoal buns.

The main dish was also accompanied by sides like mashed potato, a vegetable medley consisting of broccoli and carrots, fruit, and a dessert of the day.

Photo from BMTC / FB

Some social media users were clearly impressed with the meal.

Others, not so much.

Special meals

The Pulau Tekong cookhouses whip up special meals every now and then for festive events, which has garnered much public attention since the BMTC Facebook page started publicising the fare.

This recent post in particular from Oct. 14 has gained over 700 shares.

Previously, other hearty meals included a Chinese New Year special.

A Christmas special.

And a one for National Day.

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Top photo BMTC / FB