3-month-old bear-like S'pore Special puppy named Bear loves humans & up for adoption

Beary cute.

Karen Lui | October 01, 2021, 12:40 PM

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How can anyone say no to a face like that?

This three-month-old puppy may not be a real bear cub but he is just as adorable.

Photo by glennelvy.com via CAS.

Rescued from a farm

Rescued from a farm in the north by Causes for Animals (CAS) Singapore, Bear was trapped at the same time as his mother as part of the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) programme.

After being sterilised, his mother was returned to the farm where the workers care for her.

Bear, on the other hand, is looking for a home to call his own.

Photo by glennelvy.com via CAS.

Playful and energetic

According to CAS, Bear is "great with people and other animals", but is very active, playful and "teething quite a bit".

Pee pad trained, he sleeps at night but occasionally wakes up for food or potty.

Photo by glennelvy.com via CAS.

Bear also craves for human company a lot and cannot be left alone for more than two hours at this tender age, lest he whines or barks.

He demonstrates typical puppy behaviour in terms of high energy levels and destructiveness in the form of chewing furniture, shoes, and other objects.

No homes with children below the age of 12

As Bear is a young Singapore Special undergoing his developmental stages, CAS is only considering homes with adults without children below the age of 12.

Photo by glennelvy.com via CAS.

Consistency, routine, socialisation and proper interaction are key in ensuring that he grows up to be a good canine citizen, CAS said.

They also wish to ensure that Bear grows up with an excellent temperament under the care of committed and responsible owners who can see him through adulthood and for 15 years or more.

Photo by glennelvy.com via CAS.

According to Animal Veterinary Services (AVS) licensing rules, Bear is not HDB-approved at the moment.

Those who are keen to give Bear a home can email [email protected], providing information about their housing, family, and experience with pets.

Successful applicants will be contacted for a viewing.

Top images by glennelvy.com via CAS's Facebook page.