Senior Woodlands community cat with health issues 'cries' when removed from estate, feeders appeal for its return

The cat was last seen on Sep. 16.

Mandy How | September 22, 2021, 02:39 PM

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A post has been put up on Facebook page Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats appealing for the return of a community cat in Woodlands.

Photo via Jeanette De Mello/Facebook

The message was written by one Jeanette De Mello on behalf of the cat's regular feeders and her main caregiver.

According to De Mello, the feline Victoria was last seen on Sep. 16, around 9pm at Woodlands Mart.

The cat had been living in the area for 10 years.

Photo via Jeanette De Mello/Facebook

However, Victoria's caretakers have reasons to believe that someone has taken the cat home, and while they appreciate any good intentions the adopter may have had, the new environment will likely not be suitable for the cat.

Victoria, who is not an indoor cat, displayed restlessness when her main caregiver bought her home during the circuit breaker period in 2020.

In another instance, the cat reportedly "cried" and refused to eat or drink for four days, after someone she was not familiar with tried to house her.

She is also a senior cat with constipation and walking difficulties, and a diet that needs monitoring.

Bouts of medication and regular check-ups at the vet are required as well.

Will always be cared for in the community

Photo via Jeanette De Mello/Facebook

"We are appealing to the person(s) who have taken her away. If you feel that you are able to care for her, regardless of her medical condition, please drop me a PM so that we know that she is safe," De Mello said.

She hopes that the adopter will be able to return Victoria, especially if the cat is not able to adjust to living indoors.

Photo via Jeanette De Mello/Facebook

If the adopter feels that they are able to care for her despite her medical condition, De Mello is also requesting for them to reach out to the community, so that the cat's caretakers are assured of her safety.

"Please please please do not abandon her if you feel that you cannot or do not want to care for her anymore. She will not be able to survive anywhere else on her own. Please return her to us."

Photo via Jeanette De Mello/Facebook

Top image via Jeanette De Mello/Facebook