Micro-influencer chases valet driver off the car after he runs red light, drives herself home

She was heard yelling at him repeatedly to 'get out' of the car.

Guan Zhen Tan | September 05, 2021, 01:08 PM

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Two videos featuring a valet driver driving dangerously at Tanjong Pagar on Sep. 2 have gone viral.

The videos were uploaded by one Winnie Heng to her Facebook page. Heng, also known as @winniewangweiyu on Instagram, has over 19,000 followers on the platform.

Ran past red light

Heng uploaded two dashcam videos on her Facebook page on Sep. 3. Her caption read: "Called a valet and this happened".

The first video, which took place around 11 pm on Sep. 2, showed her valet driver driving past a red light.

Heng was heard chiding the valet driver in Mandarin: "Please drive carefully, please drive carefully. What are you doing?"

The valet driver apologised.

In the second video, Heng was heard yelling at the driver as he appeared to nearly beat another red light. He was seen braking hard to stop at the red light as Heng shouted: "It's a red light! What are you doing?!"

She then tried to chase him out of the vehicle, repeatedly asking him to "get out of the car".

The valet driver apologised profusely, and offered to stop the car at the side of the road first. However, Heng continued to insist that he get out.

The videos have since been shared over 3,700 times.

What happened

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Heng said that other drivers from the valet company she hired were not available, so a new valet driver was assigned to her.

The 30-year-old said she only had a small glass of alcohol that night, but still decided to request for the valet company's services as a matter of habit.

Heng started to keep a close eye on the valet driver when she noticed that he wasn't very steady behind the wheel.

After chasing the valet driver out of the car, she said she drove herself home.

She told the paper that she was worried that an accident might occur, so she didn't dare to let him drive any further.

Driver fired, police report made

The boss of the valet company has also told Heng that they have since fired the 23-year-old valet driver, who had just joined the company a few days ago, Shin Min reported.

His actions had left Heng puzzled, as she understands that the valet driver had obtained his driving license five years ago, and has a family car.

Heng has since made a police report of the matter.

While she would still make use of the company's valet services in the future, given that most of their drivers are very experienced, she said that she will remain extra cautious.

The valet company has promised to only assign drivers that she is familiar with in the future.

In response to Mothership's queries, Heng said that she has lodged a report online.

Top image via Winnie Heng's Facebook page

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