Umno youth leader's garage looks like a supercar showroom

He also owns the world's most expensive superbike.

Faris Alfiq | September 02, 2021, 10:38 AM

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A video had surfaced on social media showing a lavish landed property in Malaysia with a garage akin to a sports car showroom.

Property and cars believed to belong to Umno politician

Netizens believed that the property belongs to Umno youth leader for the Titiwangsa constituency, Nazir Hussin Akhtar Hussin.

It is unclear who uploaded the video or when it was recorded.

The 20-second video montage showcased a stunning array of supercars, and Nazir was seen in the video wearing a grey sarong and a black Adidas t-shirt.

At least two Lamborghini and six Ducati spotted

Some of the supercars that were seen in the video include a Dutch orange Lamborghini, a lime green Lamborghini Aventador, and at least six red coloured Ducati.

Other than supercars, the video also showed a few people gathering at the property.

The property, along with the vehicles, were believed to be owned by Nazir as they appeared to share the same resemblance to the ones posted by Nazir on his personal Instagram account.

An avid supercar fan

Here is a photo of him standing at the porch of the property, similar to the video.

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A post shared by Datuk Nazir @ J (@nazirhussin10)

From his social media page, it seems that Nazir is a supercar fan, with a recording of himself driving one of his supercars.

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A post shared by Datuk Nazir @ J (@nazirhussin10)

Nazir also shared his collection of supercars that look similar to the ones in the video.

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A post shared by Datuk Nazir @ J (@nazirhussin10)

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A post shared by Datuk Nazir @ J (@nazirhussin10)

In December 2020, The Vibes reported that he was the owner of the world's most expensive motorcycle, the Ducati Superleggera V4.

The superbike was believed to fetch at least RM888,000 (S$287,000), and it was the only unit in Malaysia.

Netizens questioned his source of income

Given the number of luxury vehicles he own, several netizens wondered about his source of income.

A quick search online showed that other than being a politician, Nazir is also the chairman of Bank Rakyat Foundation.

A Twitter user by the username @qielalaa, claimed that she worked for Nazir and his brother previously, and praised him for being a good boss.

"He was my former boss, Nazir Hussain. But I worked for his brother's company, Dato Mubarak. Their family is rich. The wealth will never deplete even after seven generations. He was also generous and treated his staff every week. Once a month, without fail, he will treat his staff to briyani," the post said.

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Top images via nazirhussin10/Instagram and Iamkanahraf/Twitter