Tortoise in Thailand stages daring escapes, opening house gate with its shell more than once

Never stop trying.

Jason Fan | September 11, 2021, 11:08 AM

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Most people may think tortoises make pretty docile pets, given how slow they move.

A certain tortoise in Thailand, however, has shown off a more mischievous side by attempting to escape its home more than once.

No hands, no problem

A video uploaded to Facebook page recently showed the tortoise roaming about within the confines of a landed property.

This video of an African spurred tortoise named Plawaan was well circulated online since late August after a TikToker (presumably its owner) posted about its antics on Aug. 21.

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In the video, tortoise could be seen inspecting the gate, which was closed, but apparently not locked.

Realising it was unable to use its limbs to open the gate (by virtue of being too short), the tortoise cleverly used its shell to make contact with the gate, and shifted to its side, opening the gate in the process.

The ease in which the tortoise did this indicates that this was not the first time it was attempting this feat.

Having successfully opened the gate, the tortoise scrambled to freedom, crossing the road and loitering around the gate of the house on the opposite side.

The tortoise then began to roam along the road, until a passing car stopped and the driver picked it up.

The driver and the passenger could be seen looking around for the tortoise's owner, before they spotted the open gate, and approached the tortoise's house.

A lady within the household then retrieved the tortoise from the duo, before closing the gate and presumably placing the tortoise in a safer place.

Using the same tricks

However, the video does not stop here.

On a separate occasion, the tortoise could be seen inspecting the gate once again.

It repeated its previous shenanigans, pushing the gate open using its shell.

Interestingly, it could be seen closing the gate using the same method, before a car on the road outside drove off (perhaps it was waiting for its owner to drive off?)

Once the car is gone, the tortoise wasted no time and took the chance to open the gate, and slowly crawl to freedom, stopping every time a car passes by.

Most recently, just five days ago, the tortoise was seen helping its owner with her laundry.

Perhaps to make up for its mischief.


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