South Korean convenience store to launch soda-flavoured steamed bun, filling looks like toothpaste


Lean Jinghui | September 17, 2021, 02:32 PM

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GS25, one of South Korea's representative chain of convenience stores, has upped the ante on Korea's classic steamed bun.

For the uninitiated, the classic steamed bun, otherwise known as Hoppang (호빵), is a popular convenience store snack in Korea, and is typically filled with sweetened red bean paste, sometimes with vegetables and meat.

Soda-flavoured steamed bun

According to News1Korea,  GS25 announced that it intends to launch 10 new flavours of steamed buns on Sep. 9.

Amongst the multiple flavours, is the blue soda-flavoured custard cream bun.

The blue soda-flavoured custard cream bun. Via GS25 via

Other creative combinations include the meat-filled dumpling steamed bun, the red pepper japchae (stir-fried glass noodles) steamed bun, the honey seed steamed bun, the sweet pumpkin cheese steamed bun, and the classic red bean steamed bun.

Via GS25 via

According to, a South Korean travel media site, the innovative spin on the classic steamed bun comes about as GS25 aims to appeal to the tastebuds of millennials and Gen Z consumers.

Looks like toothpaste

The new soda-flavoured steam bun is expected to be available in all GS25 stores by the end of September 2021.

It will be priced at KRW1,400 a piece (S$1.60).

In response to the upcoming launch, some netizens commented that "It looks like toothpaste", but that the flavour still piqued their interest.

Comment translated via @ijuhyeon3545 Instagram

Others retorted that it looks like something one might eat as a "penalty", while still others said that it looks delicious and they will support the launch.

Comment translated via @been_019 Instagram

Only in Korea

Unfortunately, the steamed buns appear to currently only be available in Korea.

According to Instagram posts by local netizens, the honey seed steamed bun and sweet pumpkin cheese steamed bun are already available in GS25 stores, and taste "extremely good".

The honey seed steamed bun at KRW1,400 (S$1.60). Via @mammelier Instagram

The sweet pumpkin cheese steamed bun (left) at KRW1,400 (S$1.60). Via @seulda_030 Instagram

Via @_hello.today_ Instagram reported that the meat-filled dumpling steamed bun and red pepper japchae steamed bun are also available, and are currently priced at KRW1,900 (~S$2.20) each.

Via GS25 via

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Top images via @seulda_030 Instagram and via GS25 via