ISD: No 'specific nor credible intelligence' on imminent terror threat to S'pore

Japan had warned its citizens residing in Singapore and five other Southeast Asian countries to beware of possible terror attacks.

Kayla Wong | September 15, 2021, 01:32 PM

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The Internal Security Department (ISD) currently has "no specific nor credible intelligence of an imminent terrorist threat to Singapore", the republic's agency said on Wednesday, Sep. 15.

In a statement, ISD further said they have reached out to their Japanese counterparts, but they "also have no specific intelligence".

Nevertheless, ISD advised members of the public to remain vigilant and promptly contact the ISD Counter-Terrorism hotline 1800-2626-473 (1800-2626-ISD) or report via the SGSecure app if they come across any suspicious persons or activities.

ISD's statement comes after the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent out an advisory warning its citizens residing in six Southeast Asian countries of a possible terror attack.

The countries named were Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar.

Japan also urged its citizens to pay close attention to local news and information and use caution “for the time being”.

In addition, the country urged its citizens in the countries to stay away from religious facilities and crowds as they had received information on “increased risks such as suicide bombing”.

Several countries had expressed their puzzlement at the warning, with the Thai foreign ministry saying that Japan had not revealed the source of its information.

Top image via Xinhua

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