TTSH extends Covid-19 screening space into carpark due to surge in positive & suspect cases

They have been receiving 'higher than usual' positive & suspect Covid-19 cases.

Alfie Kwa | September 23, 2021, 09:33 PM

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A video circulating on Facebook has caused a stir around the current state of Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH).

The video on the situation at the hospital was posted online on Sep. 23 by Facebook user Max Maxis Maxis.

It showed rows of hospital beds and patients outside the regular hospital area.

There appeared to be about 20 hospital beds lined up neatly in an open-air space, with vehicles moving around nearby.

The caption said that a car park in TTSH had been converted to a hospital ward, and that "[t]he situation doesn’t look good."

TTSH: Facility in video is screening space

Responding to Mothership's queries, a spokesperson from TTSH confirmed that the facility seen in the video is part of their extended Emergency Department.

The facility is used to create more screening space as part of the hospital's Covid-19 ramp-up efforts, the spokesperson said.

TTSH previously announced that they will be partially closing the car park nearest to their Emergency Department to create more screening space in a Facebook post on Sep. 20.

Some netizens question set-up

The video, which has more than 450 shares, has got some netizens worried about the hospital situation in TTSH.

"How can the MOH allow car parks to be used as wards," one commenter said, adding that "there will be fuel oil smell from vehicles, not healthy for patients and the ventilation is so bad."

While another wrote, "Govt should do something!"

One commenter, who claimed to have been to the facility, added that people shouldn't judge the space.

Non-emergency cases should go to GP or polyclinic

In a Facebook post on Sep. 19, TTSH urged members of the public to seek medical attention from General Practitioners (GPs) or polyclinics, except for emergency cases.

The post explained that TTSH has been receiving higher than usual Covid positive and suspect cases that come in via ambulances or walk-ins in their Emergency Department.

TTSH said that on top of tending to emergency cases, its Emergency Department also triages Covid-19 cases.

Those who are unwell are admitted to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) for treatment, while suspect patients with symptoms are admitted to designated wards at TTSH.

TTSH said that it works with the Ministry of Health to have stable patients sent home under the home recovery programme, or to community care facilities.

TTSH seeks "understanding and patience"

With the surge in community cases, TTSH said that it is "working hard" to open more waiting and screening spaces, and activating more wards and staff.

It sought "understanding and patience" in view of the current situation.

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