Man in Taiwan returns to apologise for buying ice cream with counterfeit money when he was young

The man wrote an apology letter and returned twice the amount to the shopkeeper.

Jean Chien Tay | September 09, 2021, 12:22 PM

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After supposedly using counterfeit money to buy ice cream when he was young, a Taiwanese man has since repented and returned the money to the "Ah Ma" that runs the shop, Taiwanese media ETtoday reported.

In a handwritten apology letter, the man wrote that since he used a counterfeit NTD1,000 (S$48) note to buy ice cream from the Ah Ma in his younger years, he felt guilty and apologetic all the time.

The man proceeded to return NTD2,000 (S$97) to the Ah Ma and hoped that he could gain her "forgiveness".

The incident was posted on Facebook by a man believed to be the Ah Ma's grandson, and has since gone viral with over 27,000 "likes" and 900 comments.

Netizens' reactions

Many netizens commended the man for owning up to his mistakes, while other commenters took a more lighthearted approach to the incident.

One netizen joked that the Ah Ma might have used the money without realising that it was counterfeit, while another joked that Ah Ma should check if the NTD2,000 she recently received is "real".

"At least (the man) owned up to (his) mistakes, very good."

"Actually Ah Ma didn't know it was counterfeit and spent it on groceries at the market."

"(Jokingly) Turns out these two notes are fake too."

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Top image via 陳昱榕/Facebook & Lucas Metz/Unsplash