Squirrel caught paddling frantically after falling into River Safari tank exhibit

Things could have quickly gone south if it were to land in a tank containing piranhas or alligators.

Fiona Tan | September 16, 2021, 06:22 PM

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A squirrel recently landed itself in a rather slippery situation: In a tank exhibit at the River Safari.

Commenters demand answers

Footage of the squirrel struggling frantically in a tank exhibit at the River Safari was uploaded onto TikTok by a creator @MrGuineaPigz.

According to the video, the creator was trying to film the fish within the tank exhibit when the squirrel fell into the tank.

Little did the TikTok creator know that he would become an involuntary spectator to the squirrel's predicament.

Like a fish out of water (ha!), the squirrel, typically a ground-dwelling animal, can be seen struggling in the unfamiliar aquatic environment.

Eager to get out of the water, the furry critter fought tirelessly to get a foothold against the exhibit's slippery glass wall.

However, the video ended on an inconclusive note, along with the ominous message: "Did the squirrel survive?"

@mrguineapigzOh no… Squirrel fighting for its life! did the squirrel survive??? ##ohno♬ original sound - MrGuineaPigz

The video's abrupt ending left much to be desired, and roused the curiosity of multiple commenters, all of whom demanded to know the squirrel's plight.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Other astute commenters asked if the user alerted the zookeepers about the squirrel's plight.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Unfinished business

Thankfully, the TikTok creator followed up with a second part.

It seems that the squirrel's struggle against the glass was not for naught.

In the second video, the squirrel managed to travel some distance away from its previous spot, until it reached the other side of the tank exhibit where there was a wall of rocks.

The drenched critter deftly scaled the wall and took a short breather before continuing its climb to the top.

@mrguineapigzReply to @lerroyl Here’s part 2 😊♬ original sound - MrGuineaPigz

Having found safety at the top of the wall, the squirrel proceeded to shake the water off its body, and possibly the ordeal out of its memory.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Commenters relieved

Many commenters were relieved to learn that the squirrel had survived from the second video.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Some commenters even said that they could rest well after finding out that the squirrel escaped unscathed.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Other commenters seemed disappointed at how the squirrel's story panned out, and perhaps hoped for the squirrel to meet with a more gory ending.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

Image screenshot from TikTok.

With more dangerous animals, such as the Yangtze alligator and the red-bellied piranha, housed at the River Safari, things could have gone south had the squirrel landed itself in the wrong tank.

Thankfully, it was not this squirrel's time to meet its maker.

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Top image from @mrguineapigz/TikTok