'Change your number': Netflix still trying to resolve 'Squid Game' phone number issue with owner

This is why other shows use fake numbers instead.

Nyi Nyi Thet | September 27, 2021, 06:27 PM

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Previously on Squid Game, its showrunners mistakenly placed an actual phone number on their show:

A woman (initial reports had mistakenly identified her as a man), who has absolutely nothing to do with Squid Game, has been fielding thousands of calls after her phone number was flashed on screen during the hit Netflix series.

The number belonged to a character played by Korean star Gong Yoo in the show.

Netflix, upon hearing of her plight, said they would reach out to the owner to settle this.

Case closed.

Backlash over offer to solve it

Case open. The woman was reportedly told there was only one option to solve the issue. Change her number.

Koreaboo, citing SBS News, reported this turn of events.

But the option wasn't a great solution for the lady.

Not only has she used the number for 20 years, that was also the number of her small business.

Imagine having to sieve through thousands of death game applications to get a customer's order.

After some backlash to their offer of changing phone numbers and a one million won offer (S$1,150), a five million won (S$5,740) offer was put on the table as well.

The latest update by the Squid Game production team according to Koreaboo is this:

"We are trying to solve this through continued phone calls and face-to-face meetings between the owner of the number and the production company."

A presidential candidate has also weighed in on the entire kerfuffle, offering the owner 100 million won (S$114,830).

Image from Netflix.